Sydney Brooks

Phi Mu Spotlight member Sydney Brooks

Meet the one, the only, Sydney Brooks. She pledged Phi Mu in the fall of 2015 as a freshman. Sydney is from Frisco Texas and goes to the University of Arkansas. She is a Marketing and Sales major so that she can get a job that allows her to talk to people and where is she is able to express her creativity. She hopes one day to be a Sales and Marketing representative for a company that involves fashion. “Shopping and talking are seriously my two strengths in this world”. Sydney stays involved with her sorority by participating in Greek Life competitions and being on t-shirt committee. She says she “loves being able to put in my input on t-shirt designs and help with pass outs”. Sydney is also involved on campus by being a member of Advertisement Club, which helps guides her with her major and future career. In the next upcoming years she is most excited for opportunity. “Fayetteville offers so many amazing opportunities for success and I cannot wait to see how these next few years play out and all the incredible people I meet along the way”.

Bid Day:

“Bid day for me as a freshman was like a Christmas celebration with 450 new sisters!!!! It was a day I will never forget and I look forward to giving the same experience to our future new members this year. If I could describe bid day in a song, it would choose the song Best Day of My Life by American Authors.”

“Big”/”Little” themes:

“My favorite big little themes are ones that are unique. For example, my roommates’ big did the mean girls squad. My roommate looks so much like Gretchen and her big looks like Regina so it worked out perfectly.”

Greek Life Participation:

“Last year, I was involved in Fiji Carol of the Greeks and Greek Sing. I had SO much fun because I love to sing and preform. I encourage everyone in Greek life to get involved with the performances because it’s a great way to meet new people and many of the performances require you to do community service hours, which is so awesome because so many people have no idea what really goes into a show. My favorite volunteer event we did was when Phi Mu and Kappa Sigma went to the Boys and Girls club. The kids there honestly look up to us so much and I had so much fun with them. By the time I was ready to leave, I had two girls hanging on my feet begging me not to leave. I still go back and visit them when I have time.”

Morning class or night class?

“Nothing is worse than a 7:30 am class, let me tell you that. I had early classes this last semester and I learned that I require at least 8 hours of sleep and a cup of coffee to function at my best. You will always catch me in a large t-shirt and some tennis shoes in class, I really shoot for the “I just rolled out of bed look.” I loved seeing girls that I knew in my classes, especially girls in my sorority because you always have someone to sit by.”

Wake Up

Time to Function:

 “Sadly I did not go my formal because I had a French test at 7:30 am the next morning. I was bummed out about that, but I aced my French test so it was worth staying in!” “My favorite function of my freshman year was the toga function because I had always seen toga parties in movies, but never actually been to one!”


“My favorite philanthropy event this year was our Tacos 4 Life percentage night that benefitted children’s miracle network hospitals nationwide because who doesn't love eating queso for a cause.”


Best Spring Break Destination:

“I loved going to Gulf Shores this year because I love going to the beach and all of my pledge sisters in Phi Mu got a house together, it was so fun. My favorite spring break shirt was one that had sea shells on the chest, so cute.”

Game Day:

“My favorite part about game days is tailgating, DUH. My goal this year is to actually make it into a razorback football game because I never wanted to leave the pregames, lol oops!”


“If I described finals week in 3 words it would be....." 

"No open seats."

"Because when its final season theres no chance you'll find a place to study in the library, it looks like people have been camped out for weeks.”



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