Member Spotlight: Kaitlyn Janni

Phi Mu Member Spotlight: Kaitlyn Janni

Kaitlyn is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas studying Elementary Education. She is from Flower Mound Texas, and has plans to move back to her hometown to teach in the same school district she was a student in. With her impeccable smile and sweet nature Kaitlyn has brought so much dedication and spirit to her chapter.

1.       What positions have you held in Phi Mu?

“I served as Pledge Class President, been on Spirit & Moral Committee and Greek Life Committee, and am currently on KROP Committee, and I plan to run for a chair position in the next election.”

2. If you had to be pick a character off of a TV show or movie which one would you be?

“Easy. I binge watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians so 100% would choose to be Khloe Kardashian.”

3. What is your favorite thing about being an Arkansas Razorback?

“I love the school spirit that comes with being a Razorback. Living in Texas, there are so many universities so everyone is a fan of different teams. Here, everyone is a Razorback fan and so it's awesome to be a part of such a fun fan base.”

4. Do you have any tips for going through formal recruitment?

“To the PNM’s- Be yourself and everything happens for a reason. Formal Recruitment can be an easy week to be down on yourself, (trust me I've been there), but I promise everything happens for a reason in the end, and to just trust the process. Don't give up. I've never been happier with the decision I made.”

5. You recently took little sisters, as well as have a big sister. What does that mean to you?

“I don't have any biological sisters, so getting a Big was really special. She's there for me to answer any questions, be a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to hang out with. Now that I am a big to my awesome twin littles, I am able to be someone they look up to and have as a lifelong friend.”

6. What are some things that Phi Mu has given to you?

“My best friends, leadership positions, community service, confidence, CFF, and lots and lots of t-shirts ;)”

7. Do you have any advice to a new member in a sorority?

“Get involved as soon as you can!! Run for a leadership position, join a committee or even join a club outside of Phi Mu! Make sure and try to attend all sorority related events too because that is one of the best ways to meet people!”

8. If you had to choose a bid day theme, what would it be?

“Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians a theme? LOL. If not, then definitely a FRIENDS tv show theme. They're all such close friends with a special bond and that is how I feel with the girls in Phi Mu.”

9. Favorite activity Phi Mu has put on?

“Miracle Man, our big philanthropy event!! It's so funny to watch all the guys perform in a pageant and embarrass themselves!”

10. Favorite season of the year? Why?

“FALL!!!! It's my favorite because my birthday is in fall (hehe) and I love the weather and seeing all the leaves change colors. Oh, and Fall is sweater and riding boots season so that’s an added bonus, duh!!”

11. Do you have a quote you live by, if so, what is it?

“2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by faith, and not by sight." That was the verse I got baptized too and now I have that verse tattooed on my ankle.”

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Let's see...OMG I WILL BE 30 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! Lol but graduated & teaching the little elementary kiddos back in Texas, hopefully married & raising a couple kids and of course being a mom to some dogs :)”

13. What do you hope your chapter of Phi Mu Accomplishes by the time you graduate?

“I hope Phi Mu will finally have the opportunity to have their house built. It's so beautiful and I cannot wait to finally see the finished project!”

14. Finally, queso or cheese dip?

“IT'S QUESO PEOPLE!!!! I'm from Texas, there is a difference I swear.”

Kaitlyn is such a valuable asset to Phi Mu, we are so excited to see where she goes these next years. Phi mu, you got a good one!




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