Member Spotlight: Sarah McConnell

Member Spotlight: Sarah McConnell

Sarah is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas majoring in Kinesiology. She is a native Texan from Coppell, Texas and plans to go to graduate school upon receiving her degree and attend Physician Assistant School. With her sweet mannerisms and genuine smile, Sarah is a lovely Phi Mu lady.

1.      What positions have you held in Phi Mu?

“I have been the Assistant Secretary, and  I was also the representative for Phi Mu freshman year for the New Greek Council, and I was a part of the Greek Like committee! These are all amazing positions that inspired me and taught me so much!”


2. If you had to be pick a character off of a TV show or movie which one would you be?

“I would pick Meredith Grey of course! #TGIT”


3. What is your favorite thing about being a Razorback?

“My favorite think about being a Razorback is how much school pride we have! I love the tailgates, the events we do and of course CALLING THE HOGS!!!”


4. Do you have any tips for going through formal recruitment?

“For girls that are going through formal recruitment, my tips are to be yourself and go in with an open mind! This may be a stressful time for most girls but remember it is also supposed to be fun and exciting! Keep a smile on your face and be happy!”


5. What does being a big sister and having a big mean to you?

“To me having a big and being a big is an amazing thing! It so nice and rewarding to have that person to go to in times of need or just for a girl’s night! I never had a big sister so now that I have one I wouldn't change it for the world!”


6. What are some things that Phi Mu has given to you?

“Things Phi Mu has given to me is amazing friends/relationships and has shown me skills I didn't even know I had. It has given me so many opportunities to be involved and also have fun with an amazing group of girls!”


7. Do you have any advice to a new member in a sorority?

“The advice I have is to branch out and get involved! You will meet so many people by doing the smallest of things. Even if you don't feel comfortable yet in your sorority just give it time! You are away from home and experiencing new things, it will all work out in the end!”


8. If you had to choose a bid day theme, what would it be?

“I would choose a Hawaiian theme bid day! The colors would be beautiful and we could have lei's and shaved ice! Which would be great because it always so hot during recruitment!”


9. What is your favorite activity Phi Mu has put on?

“My favorite Phi Mu activity that has been put on is Miracle man! I mean why would you not want to see a male pageant and all the proceeds go to helping a great cause! It's a win win!”


10. Favorite season of the year? Why?

“Winter! Because I love the leggings, scarves and coziness of winter. Oh and can’t forget about the beautiful snow!!!”


11. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to have a great job as a Physician assistant with also an amazing family living in Texas!


12. What do you hope your chapter of Phi Mu Accomplishes by the time you graduate?

“I hope that by the time I graduate we will have our beautiful house built for our chapter. And grow in our participation and strength in Greek like events and competitions!”


13. Finally, queso or cheese dip?

“Uh queso of course!”


“She believed she could, so she did.”



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