ZTA's History

1. Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha (otherwise known as Zeta) had its humble beginnings in Farmville, Virginia. Zeta was part of the original Farmville Four: a group of four women’s fraternities at what is now Longwood University in Virginia. Zeta was founded by nine women: Mary Campbell Jones Batte, Alice Bland Coleman, Helen Mae Crawford, Maud Jones Horner, Della Lewis Hundley, Ruby Leigh Orgain, Frances Yancey Smith, Ethel Coleman Van Name, and Alice Gray Welsh. The women established the fraternity because they wanted a symbol of their friendship that would endure for ages. On October 15th, 1898, Zeta was created, and the women chose the official symbols, colors, flowers, and motto for their new fraternity.  

Zeta Symbolism and Motto

A five-pointed crown became the symbol of Zeta and its women. Women are allowed to use a little creative freedom when representing the fraternity: any artistic rendering of the crown is considered legitimate, as long as it has five points. You’ll find plenty of unique ways to represent the Zeta crown on our products. Zeta’s colors are a vibrant turquoise and a strong steel gray. The fraternity’s official flower is the white violet. Most importantly, Zeta’s motto is “Seek the Noblest,” something the sisters carry with them through the rest of their lives.

Zeta’s Creed and Mission

Zeta’s motto was derived from the fraternity’s creed. The creed represents the sisters’ quest to continually grow as people, and to always be oneself. According to the creed, Zeta sisters should always “look for the good in everyone [and] see beauty with its enriching influence.” The women who become a part of Zeta do so because they want to make themselves, and the people around them, better. Through leadership development, doing good deeds for other sisters and people outside the fraternity, and by representing the spirit of love in everything they do, Zeta members make their world a better place for everyone. 

Zeta in 2015

Since those early beginnings in the 19th century, Zeta has grown to 166 active chapters across the United States. 238,000 women have been initiated as Zeta members, and their creed lives on through the 238 active alumnae chapters and the women who belong to them. The Zeta Foundation, established in 1954, works on a national level to raise awareness and educate the public about breast cancer. Zeta also works to raise money for fraternity members, promote philanthropy, and give scholarships to women in need. 

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