10 Childhood Heartthrobs as College Guys

Oh, nostalgia. Our generation loves a good throwback, where are they now post to remind us that there was a time in our lives before we worried about papers, tests, finding a job, becoming an adult, getting married… anyway, nostalgia is the best. It’s also awesome because it’s not hard to find something in common with people our own age based on what cartoons we watched or how much Lizzie McGuire means to us. But, like us, the Disney boys we swooned over have grown up too. And since we feel like they grew up with us, we’re predicting what these boys would be like if they went off to college with us, too. 

1. Adam Lamberg, Lizzie McGuire: The Guy That Works at the Campus Bookstore

Who could forget good ol’ Gordo? When he was on Lizzie McGuire, he was the ultimate bff-turned-bf that we all hoped to have one day. Nowadays, we totally see Gordo as the guy who works at the bookstore every semester and probably also has a podcast about his favorite obscurer than obscure musicians while complaining about pop music. But he always puts that coupon book in your bag when you get your books for the semester.

2. Clayton Snider, Lizzie McGuire: The Frat Star Who Wants To Be The Next Bill Gates

Ethan Craft stole our hearts with his luscious locks, and is still a total hottie. He’s totally that guy in your business law class who’s the biggest frat star in his house but is totally driven to be super successful. He’s the guy who actually has a plan for his life after college and also plays on the intramural volleyball team. Watch out for him, because he's definitely going places. He's the guy you wanna take to formal and hopefully marry.

3. Mitchell Musso, Hannah Montana: The Guy Who Skates to Class

Remember Oliver Smokin’ Oken? Well, he can keep the nickname, it just might serve a different purpose in college. He’s that guy who rides one of those tiny skateboards and takes it super seriously, and you always seem to see him on campus even though you’ve never spoken. He’s always talking loudly in class about his new tattoos and overthrowing the government. Whatever he means by that.

4. Jason Earles, Hannah Montana: Your Awkward TA Who Makes Corny Jokes

Even on Hannah Montana, Jason Earles was quite a bit older than the rest of the teenage cast. He’s that TA that’s definitely at least ten years older than all of his students but tries using words like “fleek” to make biology lab feel more relevant. And you give him a sympathy laugh, hoping to never run into him in public. He probably has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself solving Rubik's Cubes and reviewing movies that came out 30+ years ago.

5. Dylan & Cole Sprouse, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: The Twins Who Joined The Same Frat

Though they did go to college in real life, they didn’t join a frat; but they’re totally the types to be those twins who join the same fraternity and everyone knows them because, hello, they’re twins. And guys have to try a little harder to know them so they can tell them apart. They’re the ultimate party duo and the twin thing pulls all the ladies. 

6. Ricky Ullman, Phil of the Future: The Sweet Guy Who Helps You Out in Class When You’re Confused

When he was on Phil of the Future, he could’ve helped you study with some kind of cool futuristic gadget (wasn’t there an episode when this happened? Maybe?) but now, he just lets you look at his notes when you miss class and helps you fill out the study guide early enough that you have time to study. He’s the guy who’s really wanting to get his life together. Good for him.

7. Devon Werkheiser, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide: The Try-Hard Pledge

He’s trading his guide to surviving middle school for the Ultimate Guide to Being The Ultimate Frat Star. He’s the one who talks about his frat in class for no reason other than to remind people he’s pledging a frat, he actually volunteers to pledge drive, he memorizes all the history of his frat, and when he’s not wearing his pledge tie, he’s decked out in Fratagonia and New Balances, not to mention pastel everything. He also has a huge stash of beer koozies, all of which have his letters, of course. 

8. Josh Peck, Drake & Josh: The One Who Got Hot After High School

Much like his real-life transformation, Josh Peck is that guy you knew in high school who was really nice and all, but not exactly the hottest guy in school. Then, before you know it, you run into him in the student union and he’s…. he’s actually gotten really hot. But of course, he’s stayed his sweet self despite becoming a total babe, and he’s still in the marching band and loving life. He asks about your mom when he sees you because his mom volunteers with her. Bless him. He has a little brother who will probably end up really hot, too. 

9. Sean Flynn, Zoey 101: The Alluring Hipster

Awkward, bushy haired Chase can take a hike, and take Sean Flynn, ultimate hipster, with him, since he obviously loves hiking and being outdoorsy. He’s that guy who’s in a band that plays at the cool, local grunge bar and they’re actually really good. All the while, he’s majoring in philosophy, but he’s not obnoxious about it; he’s too busy Instagramming artsy pictures of his dog on hikes. He probably works at an indie bookstore or a record shop, and has the strongest flannel-and-boots game on campus. And luckily for all the girls around him, No Shave November is approaching and he can grow a pretty sweet beard. 

10. Matthew Underwood, Zoey 101: The Guy You Got Set Up With as Your Random Function Date

When you’re trying to find a last minute date to the function, what do you do? You ask in that one GroupMe you somehow ended up in that has some of your sorority sisters and some guys in a fraternity if anyone wants to go. One guy says his friend wants to go and you end up getting set up with him. He’s really nice, but kinda awkward, and didn’t think your costume idea was that funny because he didn’t get it. But he goes anyway because he’s dying to be cool with sorority girls. He’s nice and all, but by the end of the night, you’ve decided that your days of taking random dates to functions are over and you’ll just have to ask your guy friends next time. 

Wouldn’t it be great if all our childhood crushes went to college with us? We like to think they’d all be something like this. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow us to adulthood. But hey, a girl can dream. 


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