Don't Get a Date, Get a Dog!

In college, it feels like everyone you know has a significant other. You walk through campus and see sappy couples holding hands, kissing, snuggling on benches, and being generally sickening. Usually you roll your eyes and thank the universe that you are free to play the field and walk to class without dragging a clingy SO behind you. Still, there are moments that you wish you had somebody to bring you french fries when you're having a bad day and post cutesy insta pics with. When you're feeling single and sad, dont get a date, get a dog!!!!! Here are all the reasons why dogs are better than dates: 

1. Your dog will never steal your favorite T-Shirts

We all have our favorite T-shirts, probably from Houndstooth Press. They're the shirts we toss on when we don't know what else to wear. They're the shirts that we wash at least once a week so we never have to go without them. They're the shirts we sleep with after a bad day, like our favorite childhood comfort blankie. As soon as you start dating somebody, these precious shirts disappear one by one until your T-shirt drawer is empty and sad. We all know this happens. We've had our T-shirts stolen and we've been the T-shirt stealers. In a relationship, missing T-shirts are inevitable. And once it's over, you dont have a chance of getting them back. Your beloved shirts are collateral damage, never to be seen again. But your dog would never take your favorite clothes! Your pup only requires snuggles and ocassional walks, not your most prized posessions. 

Pink Shirt Gif

2. Your dog will never fight with you

Your dog is never going to yell at you for eating the last piece of chicken, forgetting to put down the toilet seat, or showing up late for a date. Your dog doesn't even eat chicken- only dog food! And your dog potties outside, so it doesn't care how the toilet seat is! Your dog doesn't know what time it is- it's just happy to see you whenever you manage to show up! Dogs are much more forgiving and less argumentative than a significant other. Your dog will love you no matter what and never complain about dumb stuff. Why waste your time fighting with your SO when you could be snuggling with your puppy dog??

Snuggle Puppy

3. Your dog won't hog the remote

Your dog is never going to complain about watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians instead of The Walking Dead. Your pup is never going to take the batteries out of the remote so you can't change the channel when you're tired of watching the 17th episode of Glee in a row. Your furry friend is never going to cancel your recording of New Girl so it can watch a football game instead. It doesn't care what you watch! It just wants to snuggle. Whether you're binge watching Parks and Rec or fitting an entire season of Breaking Bad into one evening, your pup just wants to spend time with you! It doesn't care what's on TV as long as it's on your lap. 

Dog Tv Gif

4. Your dog won't drag you to things

Being in a relationship means going to activities and events that you have no interest in. On at least a weekly basis you have to peel yourself off the couch, put on real pants, and go socialize with people you don't know (and don't really want to know). Do you care about going to Johnny's flag football game? No. Do you feel like walking through a botannical garden that you drove 45 minutes for? Absolutely not. Do you REALLY want to try the new soup and salad restaurant in town? Hard pass. Relationships are all about compromising and supporting your SO, which is great. But with that comes spending a good chunk of your time doing things you hate. Who wants to do things they hate? Nobody. Your dog will never make you do anything you don't want to do! Again, your pup really only cares about snuggling. Take your dog on long romantic walks around the neighborhood and snuggle on the couch watching movies that you pick. That sounds like an ideal relationship to me.

Toddlers And Tiaras No

5. Your dog will socialize with all your friends

Nobody wants to date somebody who doesn't care about your friends. We've all been there. Never go back. They don't remember your friends' names, they never want to hang out in groups, they don't like being your date to functions. It's exhausting. It's boring. It's lame. Don't forget the wise words from the Spice Girls: "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." Luckily, your dog will love all your pals! Whenever you bring friends to the house, your pup will shower them in affection and love. It might not remember all of their names, but it will still want to be bffs with all the important people in your life. 

Dug Love

6. Your dog will never leave you

Significant others come and go, but a dog's love is forever. Your SO might move on to somebody different or decide they want some time alone. Your dog will never do that. You and your pup share a bond that can't be broken! Your dog will never cheat on you or choose hoes over bros. Your pup will ALWAYS choose you!!! Sometimes, college can feel a little lonely. But don't get a date, get a dog!

Happy Pug


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