10 Types of Girls in Your Girl Gang

The 10 Types of Girls in Your Girl Gang 

Having a friend group is so essential in college. They're the girls that quickly become your ride or dies. They are there to help you when it's 2AM and you miss your mom, a lot. They're there when you need a partner in crime to get back at that stupid boy who was a terrible date at your last date function. They are your family when you're family is hundreds of miles away or in another state. They are the first ones that you call when you've failed a test and need a shoulder to cry on, and they're there to freak out when that cute boy you sit next to in lab finally texts you. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly. But the girl gang wouldn't be a gang without all the different personalities. Each girl is unique and perfect and without going too cheeseball on you, the girl gang couldn't function without each one. Your girl gang might not be Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid complete, but I'm sure it's perfect in its own way. 

1. The Hot Mess

This one is inevitbale. There is one in every work place, family, and girl gang. She might not always know what she's doing with her life, and probably not know for a while. She just tries to make it to the end of the week, and her whole friend group hopes she survives the weekend. Sometimes she sends out a few too many "SOS" texts at 10 AM after a night out. But that's okay because she keeps the girl gang lively, and you know that she would return the favor anyday. 

2. The Mom

I would be willing to bet that each gang might could have whole family- mom, dad, and grandpa personas. The whole works. But just like any family, one of the most, if not the most, important position is the mom. She's the one to check up on someone when they're sick and to make sure everyone has had dinner and is properly nourished. She's got the biggest heart and there's a good chance she's an education or nursing major. There's something comforting about having her in the gang, and you feel so lucky to call her a best gal. 

3. The Diva 

There could be one giant diva, or mutliple. Prayers to you if it's the later. She is definitly on the side of high maintenance, but she knows it. She has pretty high standards, aka picky, but she can't help it. She has the best closet, and there is never a shortage of designer bags in there. She's the best one to run to if you need a cute outfit for the night, but good luck convinving her to let you wear it. You best believe she's going to force you to return it dry cleaned and folded. She might be slightly prissy but she would never let the gang make any tacky decisions. She's like your extremely wealthy great aunt who only wears mink coats... has an attitude and gets what she wants. 

4. The Grandma 

It's a rare sighting to see this one out past 9 o'clock. She isn't the party animal type, but that's okay. She's probably really good at cooking and has a cute sense of style. If you are ever in need of a girls night in or someone to sit around with at night and watch some good chick flicks. She's your girl. If it's ever past 10 o'clock and she starts yawning and saying she wants to go home, don't harass her. Granny's gotta sleep.

5. The Bro


Sometimes it surpirses you that she's still apart of the gang, but you love her for it. She's the one with the most guy friends, and so of course she's the match maker for date functions. She can be seen consuming whole pizza's or plates of wings. She might have to ask you for help when it comes to putting on false eye lashes, but she'll repay you when she offers up some quality jokes. 

6. The Life of the Party 

She's the one sending out "what's the move?" texts at 4 o'clock every Thursday- Saturday. She's the last one to go home at the end of the night, and to be quite frank the party doesn't truly start until she walks in. While her lifestyle can be a little exhausting, especially to the Grandma,  she keeps the gang in the know for all the popular spots for the weekend. Bonus- she can always find a driver to get there too. 

7. The Planner

The gang wouldn't quite be a gang unless there was a planner, she's the backbone. While it might be a nuisance at times when she's reminded everyone that dinner reservation are at 7:30 sharp, everyone is so much better off with her. She's the best one at setting up times for the gang to bond and thinking through all the logistics. She might get a tad annoyed when people run behind but don't call her rigid, she does everything out of the kindness of her heart. 

8. The Ghost

Sometimes you forget she's apart of the gang until she likes something in your group message. She might not come to everything the gang does, but she's still a proud member. It may seem that she isn't fully invested, and that's okay. Trust me, she still loves having a circle of girls to call friends even if she is not as vocal about it. 

9. The Foodie 

This girl is friends with everyone because she's literally always down to chow. She's the first one there when the gang makes dinner plans, and always down to order a pizza. She knows all the prices of food at every fast food restaurant, and her facebook feed is filled with those videos of cooking and meal preparing. She's the best one to call when it's midterms and you haven't had any food all day. Or when you just plain want some nuggets. 

10. The DJ 

This girl always has the aux in the car and fully understand the value of music during car trips. She probably has multiple followers on spotify, and she's been to her fair share of music festivals. It's not foreign to her to often change the tunes at a party and always knows the "cool" music before it becomes basic. Bonus- if she has a soundcould. 

While your girl gang could have more or less personalities than this, it takes a village. But there's a good chance you have a few of these mixed in there. The next time you find yourself with your girls screaming to Taylor Swift in the car, take a second to take it all in and appreciate them. Your friends are truly your people until the end. 


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