A Billion Times Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Were You and Your BFF

Every best friend duo has their own quirky character and tendencies! Tina and Amy are no different.... but they seem to be the Universal Best Friends! Their friendship is a perfect representation of every set of gal pals. Here are a few examples of how Tina and Amy are just like you and your BFF:

When you discuss the most recent juicy gossip

You can't gossip with just anyone. It isn't safe. But you can discuss truly anything with your best friend. You can spill the most scandalous scrap of information and be free to react however you please. You don't have to guard your true feelings: let out all the raw judgment, horror, or amusement you please. She'll be there rolling her eyes and cackling on the floor right along with you. 

When you spot a cute boy at the exact same moment

Tina Amy Point Gif

There is no room for subtlety in this friendship. Cute boys are just too exciting to play it cool!!! You do just about everything but scream and chase him down. There might be some conspicuous elbow nudging, nodding in his direction, side eye, or if you're gonna be as bold as Amy and Tina, direct pointing. Maybe he'll notice, maybe he won't. No matter what, you and your bff are always on the same page when it comes to cute boys. You have the exact same taste in guys and have a very strong radar when one is in the vicinity.  

When your friend goes to flirt with said cute boy (^) and you supervise from the background

You know she's fully capable of successfully flirting with the cutie pie, but you still want to analyze the situation from over her shoulder. You may or may not try to be discreet. Either way, you're taking mental notes on his reaction, facial expressions, and body language. Are his feet pointed toward her? Did he lean in? Was that a smile or is he just having mild gas? You may even try to read lips. Did he just say "I think I love you" or "I need to go poo"? This is crucial. Hopefully it was "I think I love you". Otherwise he's out of the running. We all like an honest man, but that's just too far. 


When nobody else in the friend group wants to go out

Tina Amy Party Trash

There are always nights when nobody is down to hang, but you're dying for a good time. When nights like that roll around, you're thankful for your BFF. She's always ready for a good party! Some people are too self conscious about going out without a huge group, but you feel incredibly confident about rolling 2 deep. You look great together, your wing woman-ing skills are off the charts, and you usually have more fun without the other party poopers tagging along anyway. The two of you roll into the party like you own the place. Because you do. 

When everyone else wants to go out but you just want to snuggle on the couch

Just like there are always times that nobody wants to go out with you, there are nights where everyone but you wants to hit the party. Again, you're thankful for your BFF! When you're just not feelin like a good time, she'll stick with you and snug on the couch all night long. She'll be right by your side eating all the junk food and watching all the chick flicks you could wish for. You laugh at your friends' snapchat stories at the party while you pig out on popcorn and Hershey's Kisses. You don't feel the least amount of FOMO. How could you, with your best friend by your side and chocolate in both hands? 

When you bond over your mutual hatred for the rest of the world

Nothing brings 2 people together like hating the same people. And when you both hate everyone, there's a whole lot of bonding potential. There's no use in having friends who love everyone- then what would make you special?! The majority of you and your BFF's conversations revolve around how stupid everyone else is and how thankful you are for each other. What would the world be like without someone else who can keep up with your wit and style?

Tina and Amy are gal pal goals, and you and your BFF have more in common with them than you thought. Lucky you!


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