We are All Basic College Girls

We are All Basic College Girls

Somewhere and somehow the world decided to not socially accept cookie cutter girls anymore. That was probably for the better. The whole Lauren Conrad- perfect life became not so cute and acting like everyone else was a drag. It was the era when hipsters decided to take over and individuality started to wildly surpass any bit of molding to society. We, the female world, got past the juicy couture sweats and zebra print and started to embrace urban outfitters. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Then suddenly its 2017 and we thrive on edge and girl power. The downside being that we don’t know embrace it when a girl still likes to stick to the mainstream, we label the dumb bish a basic. Most of the times it is deserving. But we all have basic inside us, some just let it show more than others.

We’re all basic in our own ways.

1.      We all order something complicated at Starbucks.

Don’t tell me that you don’t need caffeine to get yourself through your classes for the morning. Heck, even a midday pick-me-up isn’t bad. But don’t tell me that you don’t order a venti, iced, caramel, soy milk, triple-shot of espresso, organic, calorie-free, with whip cream on top, cup of fabulous. We all know you’re using your time in the starbucks line to catch up on snapchat stories too. The whole experience is an enjoyable time and EVERYBODY does it. You live to have the barista spell your name wrong with the “Ugh misspelled again :/” caption. This is sooooo basic.

2.      We love having our nails done.

This is kinda an overstatement I mean everybody and their dog likes having their nails done. It’s a fact of life. But since EVERYBODY does that makes it super mainstream aka lame in the eyes of our modern/hipster culture.

3.      You have something monogrammed

Don’t lie to me. I know you do, and it’s not just that lunch box your aunt gave you in the 9th grade. No I would be willing to put money on the guess that you probably have a rain jacket monogrammed and a water bottle. It’s just how it goes. You're super cute

4.      You have a Pinterest

Don’t lie. I bet if I look you up right now I can find a complete pinterest account under your name with your dream wedding and a whole board dedicated to arts and crafts you were just too darn lazy to make. We all have them and pray out future husband doesn’t find it and judge us.

5.      You’ve paid over $7 for juice.

It was popular and you needed it. Your new health cleanse that will last approximately 6 days maximum. This was just the fuel to the fire you needed. We know you put it on snapchat too #eatclean.

6.      You go to brunch so you can Instagram it.

Brunch after a long night is out essential to surviving the next twenty four hours. But you don’t just take yourself to waffle house with the rest of the Sunday morning crowd. You have to go to the most posh brunch place in town. Bonus points if you order champagne.

7.      You use the caption “this guy>”

We get it. You have a boyfriend. This basically means you won at life, you basic. You always have someone to take to date parties and to spend your Sunday afternoons with.

8.      You go to yoga, not because you like yoga, but because you can say you went to yoga.

It’s good for the soul and soccer moms everywhere love it. That’s your future career so you know you’re going to hit those classes up. You even find yourself going to the concept created by the devil called “hot yoga.” You don’t just put yourself through that kind of hell if you can’t brag about it later. You literally relish in the conversation when your friends turn to you after having to move your yoga mat out of the front seat of your car and you just have to respond to them “Oh sorry, I went to yoga this morning.”

9.      Your name screams basic.

There is a fat chance that you show up to class and when roll is called at least one other girl has your name. Your name kind of screams “WASP” but you’re okay with it. Your middle name is probably Nicole, Anne, Elizabeth, Lee, or Anne. Your mom was a big fan of the most popular names of the 1990’s.

10.  You love cliché romantic stuff

If a guy left rose petals at your front door with a box of chocolate on your bed you’d eat that shit up. Giant romantic gestures are something you envy while browsing through social media. Life is a fairytale isn’t it?



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