Which Popular Best Friend Duo Are You?

Which Popular Best Friend Duo Are You?

You’ve got your best gal for life and you’re quite sure if you don’t find a husband, you too will spend the rest of your life being each other’s dates, and getting brunch on the weekends. You both fiercely love each other and already have maid of honor speeches planned out. Or maybe you have your dream vacations planned. Or what neighborhood you are going to be neighbors in so your kids can grow up together. You know you two will be there until the end, ya know #RideOrDies.

Thelma and Louise

This is the ultimate partners in crime. You two have it exactly planned out who you are going to call if you ever end up prison. Maybe you have already been there, done that. I hope that story is a good one; one for your bachelorette party or grandkids. You too can bend any kind of rules to fit your needs for the night. Every story that’s a bit interesting starts out with “Well I was with (insert BFF’s name) and… (story starts to take a dangerous twist.)” If you’ve been friends for a long time, she was probably the one you got in trouble with that your mom still probably doesn’t like. Whoops. Everyone thinks you two will grow out of your shenanigans, but deep down you know there’s nobody else with you’d rather pull all your wild schemes with.

Bonus if you’ve ever been questioned by an authority together.

Kendal and Gigi

              You and your girl are the more modern Serena and Blair. You both probably wear a lot of black and shop at Urban Outfitters. Your instagram’s are most likely very on point, and you’re both probably naturally beautiful. You can’t help when the sun hits your perfect complexion and the lighting is just right, an Instagram was necessary. I’d be willing to bet even you’re snapchat selfies together are hot. You too know how to roll with a crowd that’s very hip, but yourselves are very laid back. You are the essence of what it means to be a modern day girl and your friendship is the kind that people look at in awe.

Bonus if you have both been to Coachella.

Serena and Blair

Blair and Serena are the ultimate best friend goals. They complement each other in every way possible. They even have their own identifiable Halloween costumes. It might be an argument over who’s more fabulous at times, and you can even be team B or team S. (That’s a secret we’ll never tell.) You too probably rule your college campus or sorority just like Serena and Blair did the Upper East Side. I’d be even to go as far as say that one of you is probably a blonde and the other is brunette.

Bonus if one of you shops at Jcrew.

Tine Fey and Amy Poehler

You too have been told you need a sitcom more than once. You’re practically a walking Saturday Night Live skit at all times of the day. You can finish each other’s sentences without any hesitation, and you both know how to make the best of any situation. Even if it means that you’re a bit distracting at times. You’re both educated and know how to stick to your mind, but have carefree spirits. You probably work in similar career fields and respect the hard work each one put’s in.

Bonus if you two have ever M.C.’d an event together.

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang

You two are two souls who the world knew needed to be connected. You know how to be there for each other when the male kind fails you. One of you might be a bit darker and pessimistic than the other but the other one’s always there to be a bit more whimsical.

Bonus if you’re both brainiac’s.

Brooke Davis and Payton Sawyer

This is the ultimate harmony. B. Davis and P. Sawyer go together like peanut butter and jelly. You too probably have known each other your whole life and through the ups and downs you are still each other go –to’s. I would even bet that you too both are very passionate for your hobbies and push each other to achieve your goals. You may or may not have dated the same guy but it’s okay. You can make fun of him later. You know each other like the back of your hand also know that P. Sawyer and B. Davis can get through anything.

Bonus if you were both cheerleaders in high school.

Rhianna and Katy Perry

              You too are more on the eccentric side, but are better off for it. One weekend you’re at a music festival the next you’re walking in a human rights protest. Nothing is predictable with you too. You too probably go on friend dates to hipster coffee shops, or local concerts. It’s a friendship that people look at you too and say “Wow, they get each other,” and it’s pretty darn true.

Bonus if you’re both musically gifted.





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