College Advice From Phil Dunphy

Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy is the ultimate cool dad. The actor that plays the iconic dad, Ty Burrell, was actually a Sigma Chi at Pennsylvania State University back in the day. And you just know he’s that dad who talks about his wild days in his fraternity while taking you on tours of different colleges and shares stories that you kinda wish he would just keep to himself, because, well… he’s your dad. But it’s his quirky and embarrassing habits that make you love him. And we definitely think that Phil Dunphy has awesome advice for life, but especially college. They’re called Phil’s-osophies. So without further ado, here’s some of the best dad advice from your favorite TV dad.

1. First things first, living with a positive attitude is not overrated. Phil Dunphy strongly believes that a little positivity goes a long way, and he’s right. So your grades suck? You’re not gonna wanna study if your attitude is negative. So look on the bright side, and you’ll see good things. Like, your day might have sucked, but maybe you’ll find like a $20 on the street. Just because you had a good attitude.

2. Humor is always the best medicine. How else do you look on the bright side when you’ve got 3 tests, a paper due, $4 in your bank account and a headache? In true dad-like fashion, you tell the corniest joke you can think of and almost instantly you’ll feel better. It’s like, the dad guarantee. And maybe he’ll even help you out with the whole, $4 in your bank account situation if you actually laugh at his jokes. So, the lesson here is to always laugh at dad’s jokes. 

3. Don’t be afraid to change things up and turn the world on its head. So, life is getting you down? Fight back and take charge, life will be all like… whaaat?? Or maybe you have the power to make a situation whatever you want it to be. So, maybe if you just really like lemons… At least, we think that’s what he means by this. We’re not sure. It’s still good advice.

4. Give everything your all and don’t stop until you succeed. Never stop pushing your limits until you reach the level of success you’re aiming for, or higher. And maybe you’ll really make something of yourself along the way. And besides, dancing and singing are really, really fun. And acting, if you’re into that. Go for the gold, son.

5. Along the same lines, Phil Dunphy is the best dance teacher ever. After all, he knows all the dance moves in High School Musical, and that’s pretty rad. And here, Phil teaches us not to be ashamed of our dance moves but to embrace them. Never apologize for dancing and expressing yourself. Have fun and no one can ever bring you down, not even the people who make fun of you for using your dad’s dance moves at a frat house. No, not even them.

6. Be careful how you text and choose your emojis wisely. Come on, even Phil knows texting etiquette, and no one actually uses a sad face emoji unless they really want you to know they’re upset. Don’t be insensitive over text; in this day and age, your non-verbal verbal communication is just as important and can be analyzed easier. And Phil knows that you always have to be careful how you text. 

7. You gotta accept the hard realities of life and learn to take care of yourself. We’re not promised a soulmate or even a marriage, so you gotta learn to do things on your own. Girls, you need to learn to change a tire and use tools. Boys, learn to sew a button back on and how to grocery shop properly. Gender roles? What are those? Phil Dunphy doesn’t care; learn to take care of yourself. 

8. Even through heartbreak, there’s always a silver lining. Dads are good for cracking corny jokes and wearing jorts, but they’re also good to lift you up after a broken heart. Phil knows that you’re hurting, but he also knows how to put it into perspective so you can see the situation as, ultimately, a good thing to experience so you can grow. And yeah, when you’re done crying, he’s gonna make a corny joke and get you some ice cream, and you won’t even hate your ex after, because dads are just that good at advice. 

9. Don’t expect too much from life, unless you want to be disappointed. Because let’s be real, people will let you down and you’re gonna let other people down. Having high expectations for things just makes you stress. Putting all your hope in people is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Basically, life is disappointing because you’re not in control of life. But the good news is, when you stop putting such unrealistic expectations on life, you get to enjoy a lot of pleasant surprises. It’s a win, even if it doesn’t sound like it. 

10. Change sucks, but change is also really good. You can’t hold onto good things forever, whether it’s living at home with your parents who feed you and take care of you and love you, or saying goodbye to your kids one day when they go off to college. Life is hard, and nobody likes change. Change is scary, and it’s tough to deal with. But when you’ve got your goofy dad cheering you on at every turn, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. He’s always just a phone call, text, or in a lot of cases, Facebook post, away. And hey, when you come home for fall break, Thanksgiving, Christmas break, he’s there at the door ready to bring your bag in and make sure there’s enough air in your tires. 

Thanks Phil Dunphy for being the best at giving advice and making us laugh, you do you.  


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