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Located in Fayetteville, the University of Arkansas was established in 1871 during the United States’ Reconstruction period. The university’s founding is a noted achievement that brought together former Civil War rivals. Today, the University of Arkansas boasts over five specific colleges and schools dedicated to different disciplines as well as 33 fraternities and sororities. One in four University of Arkansas students participates in Greek life, including programs such as Greek Getaway, Greeks Going Green, and Greeks Give Back Day.


If you’re a Greek University of Arkansas student or a prospective fraternity or sorority member, you’ll probably need some help with entertainment during your tenure. We’ve highlighted some of the top transportation, DJ, and other services in the Fayetteville area.


DJ Services


College students, especially Greek life participants, enjoy socializing. Music makes every social experience better. When choosing a DJ service, keep some of these in mind:


  • Black Crown Events. Black Crown Events, located in Fort Smith, AR, hosts a variety of events in both Arkansas and Oklahoma. Its service areas include several suburbs: Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, and Van Buren, to name a few. Black Crown is known for its modern approach to parties, karaoke, fundraisers, and other popular college events. It offers state of the art sound systems and lighting, which can be tailored to fit any event.


  • Century Sounds. Located in Prairie Grove, AR, Century Sounds performs at over 300 events per year. Its staff has over 25 years combined experience, and 25% of its events include college functions, dances, and private parties. Century Sounds boasts an extensive music library spanning decades, from the 1940s to the 2010s. This helps Greek life students make any themed function more authentic and helps serve guests with a variety of musical tastes.


  • Music in Motion. Music in Motion serves Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma audiences. Their lighting and special effects can be adjusted to suit any audience, and include fog machines, confetti launchers, and bubble machines. Music in Motion is known throughout three states for providing a “Party in a Box.” They offer professional karaoke services for solo and duet acts. Their music library is vast and includes remixes of today’s popular songs as well as classic oldies from past decades.


Transportation Services


One of the best things about fraternity and sorority life is the opportunities it affords to get off campus. Whether you’re a University of Arkansas student participating in a charitable event or going to a formal chapter function, the Fayetteville area offers plenty of top-rated transportation services. These organizations will get you to your events on time and in style:


  • Ambassador Transportation Services. Ranked with 4.5 stars on Yelp, Ambassador Transportation Services offers taxis and airport shuttles so you can participate in all kinds of Greek events, whether they’re local or require extensive travel. Ambassador’s drivers are known for transporting customers at all hours and in even the most difficult weather. Additionally, they will show up 30 minutes early if needed and always get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare. Ambassador operates seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. the next morning.


  • Abundant Transportation. With the majority of its Yelp reviews between three and five stars, Abundant Transportation promises “a luxury ride for the cost of a taxi.” It offers flat rates of about $37 for most routes, and their drivers are noted not only for arriving early, but waiting at airports or other pickup spots on the day their customers return from trips. The drivers are well-versed in their routes and are familiar with most areas across northwest Arkansas.


  • Dynasty Limousine. With four- and five-star Yelp reviews, Dynasty Limousine is one of the best limousine services in northwest Arkansas. Dynasty is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and is noted for its “immaculate” cars. This makes the service a great choice for formal Greek functions such as dances, banquets, and chapter get-togethers.


Formalwear Services


Whether you’re attending a fraternity conference, a chapter meeting, or a winter or spring formal, Greek life will give you plenty of occasions to wear a tuxedo, suit, or evening dress. Get the best formalwear possible with these services in and around the Fayetteville area. 


  • Yours Truly Formal Wear and Boutique. Yours Truly is a licensed dealer for Jim’s Formal Wear, a recognized line in the area. Their tuxedo and dress rentals are some of the most reasonably priced available, starting at about $60. Yours Truly offers several dress styles on consignment, so if you’re a sorority lady with vintage taste, you can find something well-crafted and unique. Everything on consignment is only gently used, and accessories are available. Finally, Yours Truly has a “build your own tuxedo” option, so fraternity brothers can choose the tuxedos that speak to their style.


  • Beau’s Tuxedos. Beau’s is located directly in Fayetteville, making it convenient to reach from the University of Arkansas campus. If you’ve never rented a tuxedo before, Beau’s guides you through the process with its myriad style and color options. Shirts, vests, and ties in several shades and patterns are available, as are shoes in most sizes. Depending on available deals, you may get your shoes for free. Customers frequently cite friendly, accommodating service in their reviews.


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