How to Conquer College FOMO

FOMO. Fear of missing out. You might know what Im talking about. Ever really wanted to spend a night alone with ice cream and netflix and your favorite stuffed animal but got talked into going out because you didnt want to miss out on any fun that they might have? Yep, you got a case of FOMO. Sometimes your mind and body disagree in how they want to spend your time. After a long day of class, studying, working etc. your body is telling you to sit down and not get up, but your mind is asking the dreaded "what ifs?" What if they have a fun night? What if they go get taco bell later? What if they have the time of their life tonight, without me? Before you know it, you are up and getting ready. Heres a few words on how to conquer FOMO from Tina Fey.

Youre friends tell you you are a party pooper for staying in. 

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So you tell them that you will think about it.

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But what food gives the best advice?

Tina Fey Pizza

Now you can actually think because you are not hungry anymore. You have a food belly after eating a whole pizza, so you have decided to stay in tonight. 

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But your friends are still begging you and your response is:

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They tell you that your future husband could be out there.

If Need Be Ill Marry Myself 30 Rock Gif

They say that you are going to be a cat lady when you get older. 

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Make sure to remind them of some of your best assets. Like yo body.

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If they still arent impressed, just show them your best moves.


Your friends finally give up and leave you alone.

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Victory! You finally get to be alone and relax and theres no one there to bug you. 


About 30 minutes later, you begin to question your decision to stay in because of how bored you are. 

Tina Fey

But dont worry, your fridge is always there for you. 


The next day your friends tell you it was the worst night of their lives. Even though you already knew you made the right decision, knowing that you didnt miss out on anything too exciting is comforting.

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This blog is a little goofy and doesnt really address exactly what FOMO can do to someone. In a less silly way, FOMO can come from insecurities or trying to please people. FOMO is when you continue to go and do and say yes to everything, when you really would rather spend time with your family or spend time alone. College is full of events and opurtunities, especially if you join a sorority. Being in a sorority is a huge time commitment. There are multiple things during the week that are required to attend. But sometimes there are optional events, like sorority functions, sisterhoods, and fraternity events. If you have FOMO you may become anxious when you begin to decide if you are going to go to an event or not. You might have alot of homework, or just need a night to catch up on some sleep.  FOMO can be in the smallest things as well. If your sorority is ordering new t-shirts and you dont care for the shirt or dont have the money for it, but you still buy it because you dont want to be the only girl without it. But the thoughts of missing out haunt you and make you indecisive. You begin to think about what other people may think of you. You are the only person that can make the best decision for yourself. So start thinking about yourself.

"The truth about missing out is this – you’re so concerned about not being at that party, at that bar, that you’re not concerned about the worst thing you could miss out on: your own wellbeing."

Learn more about it in this well written article Kill FOMO Embrace Missing Out.

Another great article on overcoming FOMO is:

Never again let yourself catch a bad case of FOMO. Tina Fey believes in you. You got this! 

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