How To Photoshoot

Whether youre just a basic gal tryna get some artsy photos, or you are trying to become a sucessful photographer, there are many components that go into the finished product, the photograph. Starting with planning, braintstorming, and moving into executing and processing, each step is fundamental to the next. Heres some advice from the Houndstooth Press photographer. 

Step 1: Location

The scenery of a photo can either make or break the photo. When looking at what you will be taking photos of, say an outdoorsy tshirt design of mountains, it wouldnt look quite right to pick the setting of an urban city or graffiti wall would it? This small detail has a huge impact in how a photo turns out. Some places that usually look the best in photos are parks, graffiti walls, flower or grassy fields, colorful walls, woods, and old buildings. The way I find photoshoot locations is just by looking around while Im driving places. If I see somewhere that looks promising, I make a mental note, or a physical one in my Iphone notes, while trying not to wreck. This will come in handy when you start to plan a shoot. Ultimate goal: not to fail. 


Step 2: Models 

These can be attractive people you know, or creep on instagram. I can't tell you how many times Ive seeked out people just because they look attractive on Instagram. All you gotta do is either find a mutual friend, get the digits and ask them if they want to model for you. Or just insta-message them or whatever floats your boat. But the thing is, even if someone is attractive, they might not have that natural modeling feel going for them. No offense to these people, but they just might not have what your looking for. The best models are the people that rock the camera and make the most of everything around them. They mix it up, do different poses, do fake candid laughs, and make sure you approve of everything they do. If you want them to cover themselves with glitter or paint, they dont ask questions. They love the camera and the camera loves them. 


Step 3: Props

Props can be your best asset in a photo. They can really bring the photo to life. Also, the sky is the limit. But you have to make sure the props go with the location. So, if your by a colorful wall, use oversized flowers, glitter, or confetti. If your somewhere urban, use balloons, starbucks coffees, or ice cream. Dogs or fruit can honestly be used anywhere, and your insta likes will go up significantly. 

Dog Dancing

Step 4: The Shoot

I hope you are organized, because its game time. Battery charged in your camera and your brain. Stay focused and get creative. I like to dress in the same theme of the photoshoot so I stay inspired. Have everything ready to go for your models, including water if you live in the South. Be in charge and dont be afraid to tell someone what to do, its expected of you. Whether you use auto or manual on your camera, or you are using an Iphone, double check the image to make sure everything looks right. If you fail to do this, you might miss a small detail that throws off the whole picture and later on you will regret not re-doing the photo. The key to this is have fun and follow your heart!

A Game

Step 5: Editing

Its editing time! This can be the most fun part because its just you and the photos now. Its relaxing to sit back with coffee, some tunes and just edit. Give each photo a good look before changing anything. Decide if its too dark, too bright or needs to be cropped. Pay attentiont to the models eyes, sometimes they might be half shut or completely shut. Sometimes hair can be standing up and might need fixed. Some photos need more editing then others. Dont stop until your pleased with the final prodcut. Always go for a natural look, its the most appealing when you can barely tell that the photo was edited at all!


Step 6: Share your work!

Post, tweet, message, blog. You should be proud of your work and you shouldnt be scared to put it out there for the world to see. Those haters gonna hate but you better than that. 

Beyonce 2

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