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The Houndstooth Team is here to give you all the ways you can wear your cutom-printed sorority and fraternity t-shirts! If you are sick of wearing Nike shorts and big tees, we have some ways you can mix up your wardrobe. From boho-chic to a sassy-sporty feel or from a classy look to flirty look, the different outfits you can put together are plenty. Any look you are going for, we got it covered. Read below to see how you can express your personality through your outfit while staying comfy! 


Jean shorts always look so great with a tshirt. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let it hang, front tuck it, or tuck it in all the way. You cant go wrong here. Theres just something special about some worn jean shorts to pair with your favorite sorority tshirt. 

Img 4709 2

Img 4732Wear jean shorts with your sorority intramural jersey to achieve that fun and sporty look. 

Img 6671

Img 1489

Your patterned shorts to match the colors in your tshirts will look fun and flirty.

Img 5579Img 5503

Jeans are your fall and winter option to wear with your tees. Black, light-wash, dark-wash, holey, rock em'.

Img 8818Img 8700Greek Tees

Dont be afraid to bring out your velvet or pattern pants to give yourself a fun flare look. Strut your stuff! 

Img 6656Img 8736Img 8726

Skirts! you might not think the two would go together but they really do! Tie up or tuck in your simple sorority tee with a skirt and be comfortable all day!

Img 8735Img 8705Img 8687 M3Npnry

Overalls! They are trending and what a cute way to wear a soft, girly t-shirt. 

Img 5712 Tmgt1P1


The shoe oppurtunity to wear with your t-shirt is really endless. Converse, sandals, booties, chacos, tevas, or your favorite tennis let you decide that level of casual-cute you are going for. 

Img 4660

Img 9608


Accesorize with simple silver or gold earrings. 

 Pi Beta Phi JacketImg 7465

Whether you want to wear a simple necklace, choker, or layered necklace, they all look amazing. Dont forget to throw on your sporty watch so you stay on time and fab.

Img 1409Img 1885

Img 8618Img 1920

Hats are great for bad hair days or great hair days. Or if your feelin boho-chic throw on a felt hat. Grab your ball cap for hot, sunny days. And your soft beanie for those chilly days.

Img 4548Img 1184 21Sbo2EImg 9571 VshvcyoImg 8773Img 5588Img 1192 2

If you are wanting to dress up your srat/frat tee check out these fun outfits. Throw on a flower headband, sweater, kimono, bandana, belt or jewelry to get a hipster look.

Img 8680

Img 8716

Not only can The Houndstooth Press hook you up with a perfectly hand-drawn design, but we can tailor your ideas to any sort of look you have in mind!

To see other styles we have put together go to our Pinterest board here.


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