The Fall Guide to Being a Basic Sorority Girl

The Fall Guide to Being a Basic Sorority Girl

The Fall might be the most basic season this World sees. The amount of photo opportunities make any girl go crazy. It’s hard to not get too wrapped up into this season of pumpkin galore intertwined with wonderful hues of red and yellow. Maybe you already are a total basic sorority girl and the Fall is just another time to showcase your skills. Maybe pumpkin spice isn’t really your thing but you’re guilty of wanting to take those cheesy pictures at a pumpkin patch. Here you are, a guide to some tasks and quests to achieve that basic status for the season.

1.  1. Pumpkin Spice

This is number one for a reason. If you haven’t been on twitter or any social media in the past few years, thus implying that you live under a rock, then you would have no idea about Pumpkin Spice. What originated as a coffee drink from Starbucks has revolutionized the world of basic’s; you can find it in so many forms of beverages and foods now. Pumpkins spice pizza? Pumpkin Spice margarita’s? I’m sure they’re out there and the basics will flock to them. Ain’t no hangover life a pumpkin spice hangover.  After all they are delicious, the calories are so worth it. It’s not really Fall until you find yourself walking to class with a pumpkin spice in hand.


2.       Pumpkin Patches

I think this originates from when our mom’s would take us as kids to the pumpkin patch so she could get a cute Christmas card picture, and we would get a big, orange pumpkin to take home and make a mess of while trying to carve. Or maybe that’s not everyone. If you don’t have a desire to go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze with your sisters to take cute pics, then you are lying to yourself. Because we all know you want to. What’s not to love about getting dressed up, throwing what you know, and getting a good pic, and having cute porch décor. We all know it’s for the gram.


3.       Halloween

This holiday might have substantially gotten more boring as you got older. But it takes a turn for the better once college rolls around. Trade the cute, witch costumes, for a more revealing cat outfit and you are now a basic. You most likely will have a Halloween function/date party with your sorority making the holiday even more fun with socializing opportunities. The amount of social opportunities that arise for this Holiday are absurd, and every good basic girl knows you need a different costume for each one.  


4.       Fall Fashion

If you don’t get absurdly excited about the change in weather bringing a change in fashion, then see yourself out the door because you are no basic. Basics live for fall fashion. It’s finally time to toss aside our Nike shorts, and bro tanks and say hello to all things warm and fuzzy. We get to pull out those designer riding boots that we dropped way too much money on. Then comes the biggest love/hate relationship of all time… leggings. Most basics have a minimum of 7 pairs, ranging in price and style. You have to have cute ones for the gym but of course a Lululemon pair for when you pretend to do Yoga. Leggings are important. Then there’s even more added bonuses of vests, fuzzy socks, fur vests. Every good basic knows that you must starting planning for these changes even if it’s still warm out.


5.        Bon Fires

This might not appeal to every single basic, but it’s quite the activity for a chill Friday night. You might have dabbled with these post Friday night football in High School so there’s no reason this can’t continue in college. Every basic gets to whip out her best flannels and sit around a fire on wood log, while catching up on the latest gossip. Let’s hope there aren’t any bad flashbacks to Girl Scout camp.


6.       Photo Ops

If your social media isn’t on point come Fall, have no fear. Your snapchat will be drowning in pictures of leaves on your story, and your Instagram will bask in all of the cute and fun basic activities. If you have a boyfriend or any man in your life, the photo opportunities double themselves. Apologies in advance to all the poor boys who are stuck on a Saturday afternoon walking mindlessly through a corn maze for the perfect lighting, we all need a basic boyfriend for the season. Speaking of, who says you can’t have a different profile picture for all four seasons of the year?   


7.       Football Games

If you don’t go to a school that has football, well bless your heart. Kidding, I hope there are some sporting event you can indulge in. If not, you can wait until Sunday for the Pros. But every good sorority girls knows the highlight of the Fall semester are football games. The amount of opportunities to bring out your basicness comes in abundance. You can wear your letters pinned to your outfit, or even better as a face tattoo on your cheek. The amount of photo opportunities are everywhere during a game day, and the fun is sure to be had.  


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