What Really Goes on Between Roommates

What really goes down between roommates in college? You are living with this person in tight quarters during a very interesting time in both of your lives, full of ups, downs and in-betweens. How much are you going to get to know this person? Dont worry, Melissa Mccarthy's here to give you the scoop on the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The Good.

They will always be honest about your wardrobe choices. Dont be offended, but you should probably listen to them give you outfit advice. They just want you to look good too.

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They will expect you to help whiten their teeth. Beauty is pain, and you and your roommate will suffer together through the bleaching, shaving, waxing etc. 


They will always make car rides interesting. Whether youre making a run to Target or taking a roadtrip, your roommate will probabaly insist on DJing and playing her favorite tunes. 

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They will always be down for pizza. A mutual love for pizza always brings people together. #blessed 

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They will encourage you when life sucks. They wont be afraid to be real with you about life and all its curve balls. They will help you in the best way they know how.  


They will love you every minute. Memories are going to made and you will want to keep them in your life forever. Roomies 4eva. 


They will always celebrate special occasions with you. Birthdays, half-birthdays Christmas, Columbus Day, Valentines Day, good grades and Bachelorette monday's are all perfect excuses to grab your roomie and celebrate. 

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They will always dance with you. This is essential. You both might suck at dancing, but when you dance together it doesnt even matter anymore. Lets get crunk. 


They will always stand up for you against your enemy. If someones picking on you, your roommate will always be there to put them in their place. She got your back. 

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The Bad. 

No matter who you live with, there will be some conflicts. Its bound to happen to any two people that live together. Dealing with conflicts is different for everyone, but you will find out how your lovely roomie handles problems. There are 4 different ways she may handle the situation.




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But whatever happens, nothing is worth ruining a friendship. And dont forget you also have to live with them.. so dont fight over stupid things, hug and make up. 


You are going to see how your roommate handles stress and exhaustion. Finals, relationships, peer pressure, home-sickness can all take a toll on someone. Be able to recognize the stages of a typical college emotional shut down.


signs: throwing things, slamming doors, ranting, yelling. 



signs: no longer cares for appearance and wears the same t-shirt multiple days in a row.  



signs: wont laugh at funny memes, get excited to see a puppy in public, or be affected at all by a sorority t-shirt sale.


The best thing to do at this point is step back and let them get back to normal. Whatever you do, dont touch them.


The Ugly. 

You gotta go when you gotta go. Whether its a bad case of food poisening, the flu, or the aftermath of a long night fraternity-hopping, your roommates are going to be there. How embarrassing right? Nah, after a couple weeks, it will feel somewhat normal. They wont judge, because sooner or later it will be them stinkin' up the bathroom. 

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You are going to discover their guilty pleasures, like drinking ranch.

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Or their late night Whataburger runs.

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Or their surprise splits she likes to do at parties.


Your roomie and you will have an unbreakable bond. Always have your snapchat handy to capture all the moments. Enjoy the time you have together, the good, the bad and the ugly! Melissa wants to thank you for reading. 



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