Chrissy Teigen is You on the Weekend

People feel the same way about Chrissy as they feel about pizza. By that, I mean they love her. She's relatable on all levels. Especially on the weekends.... Here are all the times Chrissy Teigen weekended like the winner a winner, and showed you just what to do: 


When you go to a party just to hang out with a dog. There's no shame in this. In fact, it's probably the best move you could make. Dogs are more fun than people, that's no secret. Be like Chrissy. Get dressed up. Be fabulous. Get to party. Ditch heels. Find dog. Lay on floor with dog (unless it's a frat house. Then avoid the floor at all costs). Take picture. Ignore humans. Have fun. Post picture with dog. Make everyone jealous. Smile. 


Did you even go out if there aren't 15 selfies on your snap story? Chrissy thinks no. You have to take a billion snaps to make sure everybody knows just how much fun you're having. Make sure you take a picture with everybody you know. You can't waste a night by forgetting to show the entire world how much fun you had. People are gonna start to think you don't have any friends if you don't plaster them all over social media. Chrissy just upped her cool status by posting her friendship with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling on Twitter. Take a hint from Chrissy, she knows the ropes.


This is exactly how you feel when you need a 2 am snack and Taco Bell is the only place open. You didn't appreciate the glory of Taco Bell until you got to college. You no longer think of T-Bell as cheap, sloppy, wannabe Mexican food. T-Bell is now your savior. Your everything. You can't even blame Chrissy for publicly wanting to make love to it.... She's just willing to say what we're all thinking. Let's also not forget to thank the lawd for Tapingo, Postmate, and Pledge Drivers. They truly make the world go round. Without them, you may starve to death between the hours of 12 and 4:30 am on any given Friday night. 


Let me clarify. By walk of shame, we mean from your bed to the fridge. Approximately 100 feet of inconvenience. If you're smart, you'll just loft your bed and stick a mini fridge under there. Then you don't even half to venture out of your covers to grab the 4 left over pieces of pizza. They'll be conveniently located just an arm's reach away! You could skip the walk of shame and watch The 100 Foot Journey while snuggling in bed eating cold pizza. I bet Chrissy would approve. 


When you wake up on Friday morning and need everybody to just take a second. We all relate. Can't the world be on the same page every once in a while? We should all take a day off. Preferably Fridays. Let's all take Fridays off. Sometimes you just can't get your act together, and that should be okay. Fridays are officially cancelled. Thanks, Chrissy. 


Calories don't count on the weekends. Don't let anybody tell you they do. Weekends are for binge eating. If Chrissy Teigen, a supermodel, can eat 6 hot dogs (or more) in one sitting, then you can too. Eat hot dogs. Get the nachos. Late night donuts are always okay. Order an XL pizza from Papa John's. Eat the whole thing. You work hard during the week, you deserve the 445789343 extra weekend calories. Treat yo'self. Chrissy Teigen says so. 


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