The Stages of Your Friday as Told by The Office

College is hard. The weeks drag by, and you probably just count down the minutes until your last class ends on Friday. Here are the stages of a Friday in college told by The Office: 

Pretending to pay attention in your 8:30 am class

Michael Chin

Professors might as well cancel class every Friday morning. If the students bother to show up, their minds are elsewhere. Everyone is making mental plans for the rest of their day for when they're free from the prison that is the classroom. What are you going to eat for dinner? Pizza? Chicken? Sushi? So many options. How can you pay attention to Business Law while you have such important considerations on the mind? You have to plan your afternoon nap, your meals, and even your outfit for later. 

When your professor assigns a 5 page paper over the weekend

Michael Smash Face

This is not a drill. I REPEAT. This is not a drill. Your professor just said the dreaded words out loud: final draft due Monday. You haven't even started an outline! Your heart just dropped to your butt. But then you remind yourself how much fun you're gonna have tonight and put the paper out of your mind. That sounds like something to deal with at exactly 10:35 pm on Sunday. It can wait!

Walking out of class like

Andy Elevator

The time has come: it is officially the weekend!!!!!!! Somehow you dragged yourself through another whole week unscathed. Today, you attended all 3 of your classes, pretended to pay attention, never fell asleep, and didn't even shed a tear when you found out about that paper. Now that is a successful day! The second your professor ends the Powerpoint, you zip up that backpack, sling it over your shoulder, and RUN. As fast and as far as you can. Maybe throw in a few dance moves while you book it across campus- it's Friday, time to celebrate!

When your friends ask if you wanna go out tonight

Dwight Yes

Is that even a question? Of course. You deserve it! You had 3 papers, two tests, a quiz, countless online discussions, and 7 chapters worth of reading due this week. The majority of your time was spent drowning in academics and sorrow in the library. When you weren't studying, you were crying on the phone to your mom threatening to drop out of college. Somehow you resisted the urge, so you've earned a good night out. Now take a power nap and psych yourself up for a fabulous night!

When you're trying to look your very best for the partayyyyyyy

Michael Beyonce

You spent all of your time during class this morning planning your outfit, and you're going to look glamorous. You ask your makeup guru friend down the hall to contour your face, and you are now BEYONCE. Nails did, hair did, everything did. You're a stunna and you know it. Everyone will bow at your feet when you walk into the party. Make way, peasants. 

Your squad rolls into the party like

Office Dance Party

Your girls like to make an entrance. Everyone knows when you show up, because you bring the party! Nobody was having any fun until you rolled in. You walk around greeting everyone you know there (which is everyone, of course) and showing off your killer dance moves. Your girl gang immediately takes charge of the aux cord and slays the dance floor. Fergie? Check. Ciara? Check. Britney Spears? Check, Check, Check. 


When you make eye contact with a cutie at the party

Michael Complete

Do you know his name? No. Will you by the end of the night? 100%. You didn't know you were boyfriend hunting tonight until you saw this dude. He has a kind smile, he looks like boyfriend material! Take the next 3-25 minutes mustering up the courage to introduce yourself. You can do it! Your contouring is perfect. You are Beyonce. 

When you run into a classmate at the party

Michael Jim Hug

You see the girl that sits next to you in Chem 1.... what's her name? This is the most awkward part of your night, aside from introducing yourself to your future boyfriend. Why is she so excited to see you? Does she even know your name? Where are her friends? Why is she all alone? WHY IS SHE STILL TOUCHING YOU? Run away. Run away. 

Waking up for breakfast on Saturday like

Michael Dying

You almost forego Waffle House. Almost. But then you think about the bacon and hash browns smothered in ketchup and drag your butt out of bed. You can do this!!! Think of the waffles. You brush your teeth, throw on your favorite Houndstooth Press T-shirt, and hit the road. Waffle House, here you come. Recovery breakfast is not optional. 

The Monday through Thursday grind is totally worth it for Friday nights. Only 6 more days til you can do it all over again!


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