14 Times Spongebob Perfectly Represented Freshman Year

Freshman year is weird and confusing and hilarious in its own way. Who is better to represent exactly what it looks like to be a college student than Spongebob? He's the confused, wannabe adult that we all truly are on the inside. 

When it's the first day of class

Spongebob Class

You walk into class completely oblivious to the coming storm. You're still innocent and ready to take on the world. You have 4 perfectly sharpened pencils laid out, 5 empty notebooks just ready to be filled with knowledge, and a few butterflies in your tummy. You're finally in college and nothing can get you down. Everything is wonderful and perfect and exciting until your professor says "quiz next Wednesday, first test next Friday, and a 6 page essay due tomorrow at noon". Who knew your spirits could drop so quickly? Maybe this whole college thing won't be such a breeze after all. 

When your professors assign 3 papers, 6 quizzes, and 2 tests in one week

Spongebob Coffin

Do professors conspire to make your life miserable? Probably. Or maybe they just have a sense for it. Either way, you will inevitably have one week filled with all of the hellish assignments you could ever imagine. You get lulled into a false sense of security by a couple weeks of smooth sailing. Then BAM. You check your planner on Sunday night to see what's going down this week, and you have a real life panic attack. How in the world are you supposed to get all this ish done in a span of 5 days? Good luck. Lol. 

5 extra minutes of sleep > wearing makeup

Spongebob Ugly And Proud

Senior year of high school, the idea of rolling out of bed, throwing on a tshirt and a ballcap and going to class horrified you. You vowed to never be that kid. You planned to get up early enough to pick out a real outfit, put on a full face of makeup, and brush your hair daily. HA. That lasted about 3 days. By Thursday of your first week of classes, you look like all the other grungy kids on campus, and you don't even care. That extra 5 minutes of sleep is more than worth the lack of mascara. 

When you've studied for 13.5 hours and still have another chapter to learn

Spongebob Hitting Face

You just pulled an all nighter. It's now 8:45 am, and your test is at 9:30. You haven't eaten in almost an entire day, and it's been over 48 hours since you closed your eyes. When was the last time you blinked? Is that normal? The entire night was dedicated to cramming for this test, and you should be prepared. But somehow there's still an entire chapter worth of material that you haven't even looked at. Looks like you're just gonna wing it. After the test, reward yourself with a burger (maybe a Krabby Patty?!) and a nap. You deserve it!

When your allowance just doesn't cut it

Spongebob Wallet

Your parents try to help you out, but it's just not quite enough. When all your money goes to T-shirts and Taco Bell, there isn't a whole lot left for the important things like shampoo or Nyquil. By the third week of the month, funds are running low. You steal some of your roommates shampoo, eat leftovers or peanut butter for every meal, and restrain yourself from buying the latest date party T-shirt. Ugh. Soon, you'll learn how to budget. Or you won't, and continue to eat Taco Bell 5 times a week. 

When your parents plan a last minute visit

Spongebob Cleaning

You don't realize just how nasty your dorm is until your mom says she's on the way. If she sees the half eaten ramen sitting on your nightstand or the array of dirty T-shirts covering your floor, she might disown you. And if she disowns you, that means no more allowance. So you frantically clean, shove things in your closet, fill 3 trash bags with pizza boxes and Taco Bell wrappers, and try to get the questionable stain out of the carpet.

When your professor gives participation grades

Spongebob Hands

You aren't usually the type to speak up in class until your professor mentions participation grades. Desperation sets in by the middle of the semester and you realize how many classes you've skipped. Every time you bother to show up for class, you go all out. Whether or not you did the reading, you've got an answer for everything. It doesn't even matter if you look stupid or the other kids think you're a try hard. You're determined to get those points and no amount of judgment from your peers will stop you. 

When you've made a lot of progess on your 9 page essay

Spongebob Break

Writing lengthy papers is a grueling process. Sometimes just getting your name on the paper is a win. It's perfectly acceptable to take a texting break after every sentence you crank out. 

When you have a day with absolutely nothing due

Spongebob Rainbow

This almost never happens, but when it does, it's a miracle. After weeks and weeks of cramming for tests, taking quizzes, and burying yourself in text books, you get a break. A real life break. A whole evening with no homework. What are you going to do with this extra time? Take a nap? Go shopping? Eat dinner with friends? Watch a movie? Read a book purely for enjoyment? There are so many options! Take advantage of this free time and just do it all!

When you've made it all the way to Winter Break!!!!!

Spongebob Christmas

You did it! You've made it through a whole semester, and the work was totally worth it. While college isn't exactly what you were expecting, it's so much fun and you wouldn't go back to high school if somebody paid you. Winter break is truly the best- it's a true break without even a scrap of homework. You get to go home, enjoy your family, and take as many naps as your little heart could desire. 


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