Stages of Going to an 8 AM Class

Stages of going to an 8 AM Class

You hear about having 8 o’clock classes your whole life. Some lucky students love them. Most, however do not. There are horror stories out there of people failing out because they simply cannot get themselves out of bed to go to the class. People will tell kids before they even get to college to not take an 8AM because they will never go. While that must be true for some if you do end up one of the unfortunate individuals enrolled in one of these classes here are some steps to ensuring that you go, and make the most out of it.

1.    Alarm Goes Off.

We all can’t deny that thirty second period right after the alarm goes off where we question if even getting out of bed is worth it. You scramble to turn off your alarm and calculate in your head that you do have an extra 5 minutes you could use sleeping. Hit snooze.

2.     Second alarm goes off.

Cue loud sigh. Guess this means you really do have to get up. Use all your energy that you have at 7AM to throw self out of bed. Rub eyes, take a deep breath. Wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea.

3.  Dress yourself

You cannot promise that your outfit will look cute. You can’t even promise that you will brush your hair. See first available t shirt and leggings. Who cares if it’s wrinkled, at least it is clean.

4.    Grab Stuff& Head out

You are still barely awake. You grab your backpack and hope that everything you need for the day is in there. Wonder how you will ever be able to have a job in the real world.

5.    Commute

This might be driving yourself or taking the bus. Let’s just hope nobody tries to talk to you on your way there. Honestly, why do people talk at this ungodly hour anyhow?

6.     C-a-f-f-i-e-n-e

8 letts, and this one little word save lives.  It comes in so many delicious forms, it actually did come right from Jesus himself.  You can get anything from a diet coke to a pumpkin spice latte. If that doesn’t make your morning just a tad better then you might as well just drop the class.

7.    Go to class

Brace yourself as you walk through those doors. Take a deep breath and grip your coffee a little tighter. No second thoughts now. Head to your unofficial, official seat for the semester and curse the person who is sitting in it. Quietly hate your life while you wait for the professor to begin teaching,

8.     Try to Learn

Notice how I said “try.” You can’t promise to grow your brain cells at 8 in the morning. But you can at least open up your laptop and pretend to engage yourself in lecture. It will be hard, but come finals time you will be sorry if you didn’t.

9.    Take a break

If you have been paying attention, highly doubt that, but if you have you are in a dire need of a mental break. Click off from your notes and give a scroll through twitter. Look at the snapchat news, keep your streaks alive. This is a valuable part of your class if you want to continue paying attention.

10.Focus Again

Finish out the class strong, you know you can do it. Channel that last drop of caffeine in you and get busy. You can do it, I believe in you. Lock your phone and stare at the professor. You’ll thank me later.

11. Last 5 minutes

If you think getting out of bed was hard, you’re in for a treat. This might be your hardest part of the morning. You will hear people packing up their bags, I would be surprised if you didn’t hear this. Resist the urge. The professor does not care that it’s the last five minutes. Remember in high school when teachers would always “I dismiss you the bell does not.” Same thing applies.  Keep trucking, you’re almost done

12.Class is dismissed

WOOHOO! You did it! You went to your 8 AM. You can now brag to everyone you know that you had an 8AM and have an excuse to be tired. You can tell your mom, your grandma, your roommate. You should be very proud. You go Glen Coco.

13.Reward yourself

If this isn’t a good enough reason to reward yourself then I don’t know what is. Some people want a nap, some want a chick fil a, some just like the satisfaction of knowing that they went. Whatever it is, find one. Find that one thing you know you will get out of bed for.

14 Never take an 8AM class again

Now does this really need explaining? If the past hour was not complete agony, then go for it. But in the future, save yourself the pain and take a different class. Who cares if you have to go an extra semester because of it, I hear victory laps are fun.




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