Syllabus Week: Expectations vs Reality (Told by Gossip Girl)

Syllabus Week: Expectations vs Reality

Syllabus week is arguably one of the best weeks out of the year. You get to come back to college after a month or three month long hiatus. You get to see the friends you missed and fully indulge yourself back into the college lifestyle. During syllabus week you should go to class but paying attention is of little worry. Your professor will probably ramble on about their expectation while you see if your class has any eye candy. Or so you thought…


Expectations: Classes will be a breeze! I will be in and out so quick. The professors won’t even want to teach, there’s basically no point in even going. In fact, I probably won’t even end up going the end of the week, they won’t even be taking attendance. I bet I’ll even have friends in my classes since it’s the second semester, I can have a whole row of homies. SQUADDDDD. If not, I can even make friends in my classes, I like people, people like me!

Reality: I showed up to class after stumbling around campus, not being able to find the building. I didn’t know a single person in any of my classes so to save myself from embarrassment I sat in the back corner. I was too awkward to actually talk to anyone sitting around me so I just scrolled through twitter. The professor decided to make us play an icebreaker and then decided to start lecturing. Next class period attendance will be taken for points.

Going Out

Expectations: I am so excited to go out every night, it will be so much fun. I haven’t had a good night out with the squad in a whole month.  All of our favorite places will be lit and it will make the week one of the best ones of the whole semester.  We will have so much free time to take naps to make up for loss sleep it won’t even be a big deal that it’s a Wednesday.

Reality: All of my classes are really early and since they decided to take attendance going out wasn’t really an option. When we did go out the squad couldn’t get a plan together because of it being a Wednesday. It was also freezing cold at night so having to bring a jacket everywhere was a pain. I couldn’t even nap the next day because I had things to do. SMH.

Seeing Friends

Expectations: I will have so much free time to hang out with my friends. Everyone will! It will be a blast to grab dinner every night. Or meet up on campus. We will have so much time to spend together to make up for the lost time over the break. We can even do all the cool things that we normally cannot do during the semester.

Reality: Everyone was trying to adjust to their new schedules and was so shocked to be thrown into the world of productivity to use even more energy to make plans was out of the question. Responsibilities took a hold and all of the “cool” activities that we could have done got shoved to the backburner.

Free Time

Expectation: I will have time to cook three meals a day and workout too! My apartment will stay super clean and organized. I will time to really enjoy myself and continue all of the Netflix shows I started over break. I can relax and really ease back into the semester. Maybe even take a yoga class or two.

Reality: For some reason between running to class and being back on campus was too much to handle and I felt that I had no time to enjoy my syllabus week. My free time was spent buying textbooks and emailing professors that I even forgot this was supposed to be chill.

Overall maybe your syllabus week was not exactly as expected. Maybe there wasn’t another week added to your vacation. Maybe there was not a week long rager and you actually went to class. Maybe you didn’t exactly meet your future spouse in BIO1034 and the professor gave a pop quiz. But that’s alright because at the end of the day… you’re back at college and that is all that really matters.









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