Get to Know Gracyn!

Get to know Gracyn Herman, one of our Design Licensing and Logistics Interns! She's a Tri Delta at the University of Arkansas. 

What's the best excuse you've ever made for skipping class? (or work lol)

My brother was getting married. I used this for a Thursday 9:30-10:45 class. Def not believable but it worked!

Do you have any weird habits?

I paint my nails like every 2 days. Idk. I can't stand when they're chipped at all

Pick a song to describe your life.

Sorority Girl by Luke Bryan #ha #jk

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on campus?

Freshman year I had to carry a trash can with me to class because I had food poisoning but also I had a final I couldn't miss. Good times. 

What's the most awkward thing you've ever said/done to a boy you liked?

I don't get embarrassed, boys get embarrassed themselves for me ;) #ha #jkagain

What's your favorite thing about The Houndstooth Press?

All the people and the super cute tshirts :)

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