Get to Know Piper!

Get to know Piper Gullickson, one of our Sales Associate Interns! She's a Pi Beta Phi at the University of Arkansas. 

What's one food you absolutely love that other people think is weird?


Have you ever broken any bones?

Nope never!! Although I have ALWAYS WANTED TO. Hahaha. In 7th grade, I had the star football player twist my arm so I would break it but then I ended up stopping him bc it hurt so bad.

How would you describe your personal style?

Oh dang uhhh I would say I'm grungy chic?? Like some days I look very dark and grungy and other days I'm super girly with pink and glitter 

Do you have any weird habits?

Yeah so when I take a nap I can't ever take it normally in my bed. I either have to be upside down in my bed (like head where my feet would normally be) or I would have to find a couch or a comfy floor! Idk why but if I lay in my bed the normal way I will just sleep through the night. And I am a HEAVY SLEEPER!!

What's the worst way you've ever dumped somebody?

Senior year of high school after we made out at Sonic and I told him I really really liked him the night before LOL SIKE

Who was your idol when you were ten?


Which Disney Prince is your dream man? Why?

Flynn Rider!!!! Gosh he's a hunk. 

Pick a song to describe your life

HA. My ex boyfriend wrote a song about me if that tells ya anything

Did you ever get sent to the principal's office as a kid?

Not exactly but I got kicked out of class a lot for talking. The teacher did not like seeing the back of my head :-)

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on campus?

One time I was helping promote the Pi Phi 5k and I was jumping around on the fountain by the Union and I lost my balance and fell. Really hard. Lots of people saw

What do people compliment you on?

Either my hair or my abs 🙈

What do you wish people complimented you on?


What's the best excuse you've ever made for skipping class? (or work lol)

Being hungover !!!! ;)

If you had to live in a TV sitcom which one would you choose?

F R I E N D S !!!!!!!!! I just wanna be friends with them. They're so fun. Phoebe would be so interesting to be around. 

Have you ever taken a really terrible date to a function?

Honestly no :/ I only take BYX guys lolllllzzzz

What's your favorite thing about The Houndstooth Press?

The people!!! I really enjoy the vibes of this company and how welcoming and full of grace everyone is :-) everyone is so fun and willing to help and patient! These are such awesome traits to be apart of as a company!

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