Get to Know Sarah!

Get to know Sarah Rapier, one of our Writing Interns! She's a Phi Mu at the University of Arkansas. 

What do you order at Starbucks?

I just like black coffee. I'm a bad a$$

What's the best excuse you've ever made for skipping class (or work lol)?

I need to go shopping at Target

How many pieces of pizza can you eat in one sitting?


Who is your celebrity crush?

Ooooh too many! Patrick Dempsey, Scott Eastwood, Ryan Gosling. 

Do you have any weird habits?

I mindlessly hum all the time

Have you ever broken any bones? Tell the story!

YESSS. So this past Fall we got on the wrong bus leaving our function and it was not going to drop my friends and I off where we wanted to go. We got on and asked our VP who was sober monitoring if the bus would drop us near where we had originally boarded. She cleared it with the bus driver, but he said he would have to let us out at the stop light. I started chatting with our VP and was not paying attention that we had been at the stop light where we were supposed to get off and my friends were already down the street. So I hopped up and sprinted off the bus. In the process of going down the bus stairs I missed the last step and face planted into the sidewalk and simultaneously fractured my ankle. It was a great way to end my night. Truly. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Ooooh so clothes are my hobby. I would say it is Kate Middleton meets modern chic. A mix of classy, girly, but with the latest trends. 

What is your dream pet? Why?

I don't really like animals :/

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can wiggle my eyebrows and I am double jointed in my elbows!

What are you worst at?

Anything that requires patience, I have NOOO chill

What's the sneakiest secret you've ever kept from your parents?

I can't tell, because I am going to tell my mom to read this. 

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