Another Chance to Make Someone a Houndstooth Hero!

Trust us, this is gonna be good (again). 

Okay people, if you didn’t get the time to nominate someone to be a Houndstooth Hero last go around, now is your chance to shine... and to make someone else shine! Our last Houndstooth Hero (you rock, Marco!!) set the bar pretty high… but we have faith in you! We know that you guys know people who are doing incredible things to make a difference in the world. We want to hear about these people! 

So, let’s say you know someone who always buys coffee for the person behind them in line at Starbucks, or you know a pledge brother or sister who always volunteers to go that extra mile, or maybe one of your coworkers always takes the trash out when it gets full. These are just little gestures that go a long way. But hey, maybe you know someone who does the bigger gestures, like sending money to a charity in Africa every month to provide school children with school supplies, or fostering shelter animals until they’re adopted so they don’t get euthanized. 

Big Bang

Either way, little or small gestures, these people are what we like to call Houndstooth Heroes. So, if you know anyone that fits this description, send us an e-mail telling us about them! It can be 2 sentences or 200 sentences, whatever floats your boat, as long as you tell us why you think they are cool people. Once we’ve received everyone’s e-mails we will pick a winner to be crowned our second Houndstooth Hero! We will then give 50 free t-shirts to the organization of the winner’s choosing in order to support that organization’s next philanthropy event! 

Emma Stone Excited

Oh yeah, if you nominate the winning hero, then you also get a $50 Houndstooth gift card to spend on some t-shirts all for yourself! Think about how great it will make you feel to recognize someone else for their accomplishments.

Before you get started, let’s go over the rules:

1. Send your e-mail to -- this is our philanthropy intern! She will e-mail you back letting you know that she got your nomination so you know you sent it to the right place. 

2. It doesn’t matter how long or short your e-mail is as long as it includes three things:

- The name of your nominee! (of course)

- Why you think they should be a Houndstooth Hero! (this is the good stuff)

- Your name and phone number! Just in case you win that gift card.

3. The deadline to send in an e-mail nomination is Sunday April 23rd, and we will announce the winner on Thursday, April 27th! 

And that's a wrap! Get to it, folks! We're excited about this. 


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