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Howdy, folks! We hope you had a great week! February is officially over, which means you don’t have to worry about the word “Valentine’s” creeping up on you any longer. If you didn’t participate in our “word that describes Valentine’s day” contest, then you missed out on a chance to win a $25 Chic-Fil-A gift card. If you didn’t see the contest, then you were probably spending time with your bae (and they probably already buy you Chic-Fil-A on a regular basis). Either way, this very sweet (but unnecessary) holiday has passed, and we’re happy to see that you’re focused on us again! Speaking of relationships, you’re gonna love this week’s Sorority Spotlight. These girls are doing what it takes to make sure that if you have a Valentine next February, it’s a good one. This week’s Sorority Spotlight is…

Alpha Chi Omega!  

Since 1992, Alpha Chi’s nationally recognized philanthropy has been domestic violence prevention. Their goal is to fight against unhealthy relationships by hosting and participating in events that give people the resources they need to be in a healthy relationship. They have been doing some incredible work, but we want you to get to know a few chapters up close and personal. 

University of Arkansas 


Alpha Chi’s philanthropic service is in full swing in Fayetteville. They celebrated their “Healthy Relationships Week” February 12th – 19th which involved tabling outside of the student union and handing out lollipops and stickers! This event is all about promoting the “Love is…” campaign. Basically, you take a picture with a “Love is…” sign and fill in the blank with your definition of love! Very fitting for Valentine’s Day, right? On the last day of Healthy Relationships Week, the ladies host a volleyball tournament called “Volley Against Domestic Violence!” Greek chapters pay an entry fee to play against one another, and all of the proceeds go to the Peace at Home Family Shelter in Fayetteville. The winners of the volleyball tournament also get a function with AXO in the fall! So if you win, you’re not just raising money for domestic violence awareness, you get to party with the AXOs to celebrate. We like the way these girls think. This semester's VADV event alone raised $2,550, and the girls aren't even done raising money this year! Also, we forgot to mention that this chapter of Alpha Chi was only created a few years ago, so these girls got with the program quick. That’s something we can admire, ladies! Keep it up. 

Southern Methodist University 

Axo Smu Couture

Explaining how great the SMU Alpha Chis are at anything philanthropy related is going to be hard, but we’re going to try. First of all, the ladies host two events every fall semester: “Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi” and “Home for the Holidays.” Between these two events, the girls raised $2,800 this year! They used this money to purchase coats, lotion and body wash for the women and children at Genesis Women’s Shelter. But these are just small events compared to what happens in the spring semester. Every year the girls also put on a show called “Alpha Chi Couture.” Alpha Chi Couture is a huge fashion show and silent auction that also benefits the Genesis Women’s Shelter, along with the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and the One Love Foundation. Members of SMU’s Panhellenic and IFC chapters walk in the show, and last year Alpha Chi Couture raised $98,000! I mean does it get much better than raising money for domestic violence prevention and workin’ the runway while you’re doing it? Didn’t think so. This year’s show was on February 24th, so if you were in Dallas we hope you went and got your glam on, because the girls raised $120,000!!! We have a feeling it didn’t stray far from the experience you would get at New York Fashion Week. Okay maybe we’re exaggerating on that one, but still… they’re impressive. We’re proud of you SMU Alpha Chi! Keep being glamorous. 

Alpha Chi Omega is doing a wonderful job of encouraging victims of domestic violence to remember their worth, and we absolutely love that. As TLC has repeatedly told us, we don’t want no scrubs, people. So, if you’re not being treated right, kick ‘em to the curb!!! And cheer yourself up with some Houndstooth shirts! Or just come back next week to read the next Sorority Spotlight. We’ve heard on the streets that they make people happy, and we appreciate someone with good street smarts. So stay tuned, folks!


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