Alpha Delta Pi

Alrighty, folks. This week has been a long one. I’m sure you’ve all studied, procrastinated, taken tests, watched the Bachelor, and are well overdue for a weekend of relaxation (or possibly Mom’s Weekend… which doesn’t always equate to relaxation). Either way, we’re back with another Sorority Spotlight to lighten your mood and get this weekend started right! So now here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… this week’s Sorority Spotlight is… 

Alpha Delta Pi! 

“ADPi” for short. 

Alpha Delta Pi’s started a nationally recognized partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities in 1979. Since that time, they have raised millions of dollars to go towards RMHC. Just in the 2015-2016 academic year ADPi raised $1,418,740 for charity, and over 90% of those funds went towards RMHC. But you guys know the drill… these sororities wouldn’t be able do all of this without the help of each and every individual chapter that works so hard to raise money for their philanthropy. Although there are several ADPi chapters across the nation doing their part, today we’re going to introduce you to two that are doing a stellar job at giving back. 

Oklahoma State University 

Osu Adpiiii

The OSU ADPis host many events over the year, but our personal favorite is called “Pop, Tab and Drop It.” This event basically makes frat guys get in groups and come up with a dance to perform in front of a paying, Greek audience! Thank goodness the boys are paired up with ADPi members to help them with their choreography (let’s not pretend that frat guys have an inclination for choreographed dance numbers). This event is super fun because it brings everybody in the Greek community together, and of course because there are dancing men on stage. The OSU ADPis also have an event called “Pi-zookie Night.” If you’ve never had a pizookie, they’re incredible. It’s literally a giant cookie with ice cream on top. This is the second year the ladies have hosted Pi-zookie, and it’s gained a lot of attention on campus! These girls have raised a lot of money for the Ronald McDonald House during these events, and we couldn’t be more proud of them! In the Pi-zookie night alone they raised $6,000! Who knew that cookies topped with ice cream could bring in so much dough. These ladies make us want to do good in the world! And they also make us want a pizookie… but that’s beside the point. Keep up the good work, ladies! Saying we’re impressed is an understatement. 

University of Arkansas 


The Arkansas ADPis are extremely passionate about The Ronald McDonald House, especially because there is a RMH right in Northwest Arkansas. Every fall, the girls host a delicious chili dinner that students buy tickets to attend. However, the ladies spiced things up last fall by also hosting a Bubble Soccer Tournament. Team from other organizations on campus competed for money for their philanthropy. So not only are the girls passionate about their own philanthropy, but also the philanthropies of other campus groups! This past year the Arkansas ADPis were able to raise $26,000, of which $25,000 went to building a new reception room in the local RMH. They also have new events in mind for the spring semester! One of those events, “Roses for Ronald,” has already been introduced and kicked off right in time for Valentine’s Day! Students were able to buy roses for their significant others (or for themselves if you were just aiming to make that old ex jealous), and they sold out in just a few hours! The girls raised $1,000 in that short time period, which is a pretty significant amount for a one-day gig! The ADPis of Fayetteville are also in the midst of planning their annual Alpha Delta Pi Day Celebration. Students go enjoy sweet treats and may even get the chance to pie their own organization’s president in the face, so if you’re in that neck of the woods this semester we’re thinking it’s an event you shouldn’t miss! We are SO proud of these girls and what they’re doing. Their passion for the Ronald McDonald House shows in everything they do. So keep it up, ladies! We have a feeling that you girls are gonna impact the lives of many.  

That’s all we’ve got this time, folks! ADPi is super impressive. If you’re not moved by the work they’re doing, then maybe you should make like the Tinman and get a heart. We have no idea where that Wizard of Oz reference came from… but just roll with it, okay? Anyways, we are not exaggerating when we say these Sorority Spotlights get better every week. If you don’t believe us, stay tuned for next week. We have a feeling you’re going to be impressed. In the meantime, give an ADPi a round of applause. They deserve it. 


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