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Hey there, folks! We hope everyone had a wonderful week! And stayed away from the flu (we’ve had a few victims here at Houndstooth). Even if you haven’t gotten sick, you may have fallen victim to a bad Super Bowl bet, an unfortunate test grade, or a lengthy political rant on Facebook. Either way, all of that nonsense is over now, and you can focus on us! And The Bachelor, if you please. So without further gibberish, this week’s Sorority Spotlight is…

Alpha Omicron Pi!

Or “AOII” for short. Since 1967 AOII’s philanthropy has been Arthritis Research, and in that time they have raised over $2 million for grants and research. Although AOII had internationally recognized their philanthropy as Arthritis Research, they have helped many other organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention and Support, Natural Disaster Relief, Ronald McDonald House, Wounded Warrior Project and more. All of this philanthropic service would not be possible if it weren’t for the multiple chapters across the nation doing their part. Let’s introduce you to some chapters who are going above and beyond when it comes to philanthropic service:

University of Arkansas

Arkansas Alphaomicronpi

Photo By: Mary Martha Darden 

The AOIIs in Fayetteville are focused on juvenile arthritis. Their biggest event is called “Strikeout Arthritis” and takes place in the spring semester (right in time to get people pumped about baseball). This event involves different fraternities, sororities and other organizations paying to play in a baseball tournament that raises money for juvenile arthritis. The baseball tournament takes place during the “AOII goes Blue Week” and raised $2,915 last year! Trey O’Dell, a contestant on The Voice (and local celeb) performed a concert for the AOII Goes Blue Week, and it raised another $2,121! Another cool event the Arkansas AOIIs have is called “Juvenile Arthritis Day,” and it takes place at their house! This way, all of the girls in the chapter get a chance to meet the cute little kiddos whose lives they are changing. The kids also enjoy the event because they get to meet other children who are living with the same condition they are! The AOIIs also bring in doctors to give the parents facts and tips about raising a child with juvenile arthritis. The ladies also have a philanthropy dinner every year to raise even more money. Last year’s philanthropy dinner was a crawfish boil and raised $1,298! So yeah, I guess it’s safe to say the Arkansas AOIIs are going above and beyond to influence the lives of children with juvenile arthritis. Keep doin’ your dang thing, girls! We are thoroughly impressed. (Oh, and Woo Pig!) 

Oklahoma State University 

Osu Aopi Girls

The OSU AOIIs are incredible (no surprise to us). Their biggest philanthropy event is also called “Strike Out Arthritis,” but these girls changed the game a little bit. Strike Out Arthritis is a bowling tournament that all of the fraternities and sororities pay to participate in (we love bowling at Houndstooth, we’re actually having a bowling office party on Thursday). Last year alone, the ladies raised $3,526 to send to the Arthritis Foundation! Strike Out Arthritis is actually next week, Feb. 15th and 16th, so if you’re in Stillwater you should drop by and check it out! The ladies also host something called “Spaghetti for Saville” every fall. This event is a spaghetti supper that raises money for the Saville Center, their local philanthropy. The Saville Center is a child advocacy center that strives to prevent and protect against child abuse. So not only are the OSU AOIIs working to raise money for arthritis awareness, they are also impacting the lives of children right there in Stillwater. We told you these girls were good. Keep on being impressive, ladies. Go Pokes!!!!

Now that you’re familiar with Alpha Omicron Pi and the incredible things they’re doing to raise arthritis awareness across the nation, give them a round of applause! We were super excited to give these ladies a moment in the spotlight this week. Also, (unrelated but important) the AOII flower is a rose, which is fitting considering Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. Hope you have a bae to celebrate with! If not, you know you can always count on us to brighten your day! Stay tuned, people. 


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