Delta Delta Delta

Hey hey, everybody! You know what’s coming… Houndstooth has chosen another Sorority Spotlight! After some serious thought, (and attending a really cool philanthropy event over the weekend) we decided that this week’s Sorority Spotlight is Delta Delta Delta! Or “Tri Delt” for those of us that are fluent in srat slang. 

Tri Delt has been involved with children’s cancer charities since 1970, but they formed a nationally recognized partnership with St. Jude’s Hospital in 1999. Just 15 chapters in 1999 raised more than $44,000. By 2010 Tri Delt had raised $15 million in just 5 years. These milestones wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the individual chapters across the nation that were making an effort to support St. Jude. So, let’s talk about a few of those chapters:

University of Kansas 

U Of Kansas Tri Delt

Every year Tri Delt chapters across the nation participate in a fundraising event called “Sincerely Yours.” It’s a letter-writing campaign that raises money for St. Jude by having members write letters asking friends and family if they are willing to donate to the St. Jude Foundation. Last year, the Kansas Tri Deltas participated in Sincerely Yours and raised over $20,000! We also heard from an inside source that it’s a very sweet “sisterhood and bonding” event for them. Raising money for a children’s cancer research hospital AND growing closer to your sisters? That’s multi-tasking at its finest. In the spring semester the girls put on an event called “Delta Diner,” which is a pancake dinner that has hundreds of people in attendance. Local restaurants donate to the event every year, and last year the event raised $7,000! The Kansas Tri Delts also hold close relationships with local patients’ families so that they can stay updated on the child’s progress. So not only do they raise the money to help St. Jude, they put in a little extra time to check on the sweet souls nearby. These girls have truly touched our hearts. I guess that’s why it makes sense for them to be on this list of awesomeness.

University of Arkansas

Ark Tri Delt

The Tri Delts at the University of Arkansas have set one thing straight about their philanthropy efforts: they go BIG or go home. Every event these girls have put on has raised an incredible amount of money in a very short period of time. They put on two big events in the fall semester: “18 Holes for Hope” and “Frats at Bat.” Dads, brothers, businessmen, and even Tri Delts themselves can pay to play in the 18 Holes for Hope golf tournament. This year the tournament raised $26,966.65! Then in October gentlemen can switch up sports by showing their baseball skills in the Frats at Bat baseball tournament. Fraternities make their own teams in order to play in this tournament, and this year it raised $13,510 in just one day! I’ve heard some of the guys take it World Series serious (and who would we be if we mentioned the World Series and didn’t mention the Cubs’ win? 108 years, people, we’re impressed). Then, to get away from all the sports action, the girls also participate in Sincerely Yours to raise donations for St. Jude. The members of the Delta Iota chapter usually write around 22,000 letters! Although all of this money being raised is a wonderful thing, the girls also like to get some hands-on action when it comes to giving back. So, in November the Arkansas Tri Delts go visit the St. Jude hospital in Memphis to raise the spirits of children throughout the hospital. This year, they decided they are going to do a toy drive before their visit so they can bring new toys to the patients they visit! How sweet is that? I don’t know what’s best about Arkansas Tri Delts: their involvement in sports or their dedication to the children? Okay… obviously it’s their dedication to the children, but either way, they seem like they’re having a lot of fun up there in Fayetteville!


Tcu Tri Delta

Now let me tell you, these girls at TCU know what they’re doing. Not only are the TCU Tri Deltas paired with St. Jude Children’s Hospital on a national level, but also with Cook Children’s Hospital locally. Every year, the ladies have an event called “Delta Dunkfest” that raises money for Cook Children’s Camp Sanguinity. Dunkfest is a 3-on-3 basketball tournament held in the TCU Recreational Facility. Anyone on campus can sign up to play and get involved in raising awareness for Cooks! This year the Deltas raised $81,581.44 (you read that right), and the money sent 140 kids to camp for free! Pretty incredible, right? They also held an auction for Cooks that raised $21,065.39 last parent’s weekend! Then, to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital the tri deezys participate in Sincerely Yours along with hosting an event called “DHOP.” Have you ever heard of DHOP? Because we definitely hadn’t, but let me tell you, it sounds like something we could really get on board with. Similar to an IHOP, (with a Tri Delta twist) the girls make pancakes for people in the TCU commons. The wristbands to DHOP are only $5 and it’s an all you can eat event. They raised an estimated $8,000 at the event, and all of the proceeds go towards St. Jude! So yeah, I guess the tri deezys down in Fort Worth really are impressing us. So keep up the great work, TCU! We know you’re horned frogs, but we won’t hold it against you.

So next time you see a Tri Delt on your campus or at the store, maybe you should give them a pat on the back for all the great things they are doing to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Then give them a pat on the back for being Houndstooth’s Sorority Spotlight. Then come back next week because you know we’ll be picking another. So remember: stay tuned, people!


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