Delta Gamma

Everyboddddddy. Houndstooth’s back, ALRIGHT. 

Okay, sorry for the cheesy Backstreet Boys opening… we’re just excited. We hope you guys had a wonderful winter break! Maybe your break destination was the Bahamas or maybe it was your old high school bedroom filled with cheerleading memorabilia that you’re “totally gonna want someday” according to your mother. Either way, four weeks away from school is four weeks away from school, and we aren’t complaining! We’re assuming that your break consisted of eating food, taking trips, and hanging out with (or avoiding) high school friends, but we hope that in the midst of all that fun you didn’t forget about us! We’ve got some really cool things about to go down here at Houndstooth (spoiler alert: they’re Houndstooth Hero related), but first we want to talk about a sorority that we’ve been dying to spotlight since last semester. The first Sorority Spotlight of 2017 is…   

Delta Gamma! 

Delta Gamma has been paired with Service for Sight for quite some time, which helps provide aid to the blind and visually impaired, but they began the “Service for Sight: Joining Forces” program in 2012 in honor of the men and women of the United States Air Forces. The program focuses on eye injury clinical care and benefits for service members. Delta Gammas across the nation have done an incredible job in their efforts towards helping the visually impaired, but let’s look at some specific chapters so that you can see why we spotlighted them a little more clearly (that was a pun, by the way).  

University of Arkansas


The Delta Gammas are a new chapter this year at the University of Arkansas, but they are comin’ in hot. In their first semester on campus they managed to pair up with a nursing home in Fayetteville to provide services for multiple activities like serving them a Thanksgiving lunch and decorating for Christmas, and they also hosted an event called “Puppies for Pizza.” The Puppies for Pizza event involved students on campus paying for some delicious pizza and then getting to play with super adorable puppies. The Arkansas DGs raised $2,000 at this event, and all of the proceeds go to one of Delta Gamma’s four schools for visually impaired. The girls have also paired up with the Burlsworth Foundation and the Lion’s Club to help underprivileged kids. They are helping the Burlsworth Foundation by offering to work with the Burls Kids at the home football games, and for the Lion’s Club they girls help with vision screenings at local schools. These girls are making a huge impact in their community, and they’ve only been an active chapter for a few months! We appreciate all the hard work and dedication they’ve put in to make such a big difference in so little time. Keep doin’ what you’re doing, girls; we’re gonna try to keep up!

University of Tennessee 


The University of Tennessee DGs are no beginners when it comes to supporting their philanthropy, and they like to have a hands-on approach when it comes to giving back. They work very close with Club VIBES (VIBES stands for visually impaired/blind enhancement services). The mission of Club VIBES is to assist visually impaired people in the Knoxville area to live independent and productive lives! The girls do all kinds of fun activities with them like riding tandem bikes, playing beeping kickball, and the girls even hosted a Christmas party at the DG house for them! The Tennessee DGs also spend time giving free eye exams to those who cannot afford them through Lion’s Club! And if these good deeds weren’t enough for you, the DGs also go to local elementary schools and read Arthur’s Eyes to the kids and teach them about eye safety and visual impairments and let the kids know it’s okay to wear glasses (even considered pretty cool in our opinion). They even wear silly glasses while they read to the children to make them feel more comfortable! But the girls’ biggest fundraiser every year is called “Anchor Splash.” Anchor Splash is a three-day event with activities for all kinds of campus organizations to participate in like pool relay races, belly flop contests, and an Anchor Man pageant. They raised over $20,000 for Service for Sight last fall!! That’s a lotta dollar bills, y’all. In the spring semester the girls have an event called “Delta Jamma.” It’s a super fun day filled with good food and good friends from other organizations, and Club VIBES comes too and hangs out with the girls! Tennessee DG, you girls are doing your thang! Keep up the great work, you’re making us proud. 

So now that you’ve read about a couple of Delta Gamma chapters that are doing a great job with their philanthropic service, there’s nothing standing between you and your weekend! Hopefully syllabus week was a breeze, so take some time to relax this weekend before this semester starts for real. Give a DG a hug, too! They deserve one. And as always, stay tuned to see who gets to be the second Sorority Spotlight of 2017! 


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