First Things First

We love a lot of things here at Houndstooth. We love t-shirts, we love dogs (golden retrievers to be exact), but more importantly, we love YOU and the things you do for your community. You people are awesome, and you impress us more and more every day. We have been watching you (is this starting to get creepy?) and we like what we see, so we decided to spotlight a sorority every week that we feel has just been doing their dang thing. Then, once we’ve written a nice little letter to everyone explaining just how you’re doing it, we’re going to post your “Sorority Spotlight” here on the Houndstooth website every week. 

So just imagine: you get home from a long and tiring day of Monday classes, your professor went on and on and on about the same power point slide for 55 minutes. You decided you’re going to lay in your bed and binge watch your favorite season of The Office, but first, you’re going to browse the Houndstooth website to see if there are any new shirts calling your name. And there is, there is something calling your name. Oh but it’s not just t-shirts, it’s the Sorority Spotlight of the week! Your sorority has done an exceptional job of giving back to your philanthropy and now Houndstooth wants to show you off. 

See how that works? I can feel your excitement through the computer screen! But really, now that you know what we’re doing here, be on the lookout for articles about the philanthropic works of Greek communities across the nation. There might just be a competition or two coming up that will give you the chance to win money for your sorority’s philanthropy (wink, wink). Stay tuned, people!

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