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Now that we’ve had time away from school, time to eat some super incredible food, and time back at school again, Thanksgiving break has sadly come to an end (and the end-of-semester breakdowns are in full swing). But we have something that might cure your post-Thanksgiving blues: this week’s Houndstooth Sorority Spotlight. So let’s introduce the sorority that’s going to get all of our minds off the fact that finals are coming up soon. This week’s sorority spotlight is…

Kappa Delta! 

Instead of Kappa Delta having one specific nationally adopted philanthropy, they use the Kappa Delta Foundation to promote initiatives for multiple philanthropy efforts such as Prevent Child Abuse America, Girl Scouts, Confidence Coalition and more. Whether it be keeping children out of harm’s way or convincing young women that they are confident and worthy, we are impressed by KD’s dedication to change all kinds of lives at once. Here’s a little more about a few chapters that are working their tails off to raise money and awareness for their philanthropies: 

University of Mississippi 


The Alpha Mu chapter of Kappa Delta goes above and beyond in their philanthropic efforts. Every KD chapter in the nation puts on their own Shamrock event, but 80% of the money the Ole Miss KDs raise goes towards preventing child abuse right there in Oxford, Mississippi. The other 20% goes towards their national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America. The Ole Miss KD’s host and dress up for a 50’s music-themed Shamrock event called “Shamrock and Roll!” Fun, right? Last year the event featured a dance floor, a live band, 50’s diner burgers and fries, and a green drink that the KDs are famous for! The ladies raised $53,000 from this event alone last year; that is pretty freakin’ impressive. Then, in addition to raising money to help prevent child abuse, the girls also do two events for their other national philanthropy: Girl Scouts of the USA. The girls bring Girl Scouts out to the Grove (the beautiful spot in the middle of campus where everyone tailgates, in case you’ve never been to Oxford), and they host an event called “Happy Healthy Hearts.” This is where they teach the Girl Scouts about eating healthy, exercising, and the circulatory system. The Happy Healthy Hearts event ends with the KDs taking the Girl Scouts on a tour of the beautiful Ole Miss campus. The KDs have another event with the Girl Scouts called “Red, White, and You” where they teach the girls how to be good citizens. This event entails the Girl Scouts learning about laws and landmarks, patriotic songs, and problem solving within their schools and communities. The Girl Scouts also listen to guest speakers who discuss things such as the importance of community involvement and helping others. The Ole Miss KDs are doing their part when it comes impacting the lives of children; they’re either preventing them from being abused or they’re teaching the children near them great life lessons. We’re proud of you, Alpha Mu. And you should be darn proud of yourself, too. 

University of Arkansas 


The Arkansas KDs’ shamrock event is also a big hit on their campus. Their event is called “Sliders for Shamrock.” They have a big backyard party in the back lot of their house where they have music and serve burgers. But this is only the first part of their shamrock event! The second part is a paint dodgeball tournament (now pay attention, this is gonna get good). The paint dodgeball tournament involves them using sponge balls and water buckets full of paint to play the game. This past year the KDs opened up the tournament to the community and student organizations outside of Greek life. The Arkansas track team completely dominated the tournament, and the girls are hoping the tournament will get bigger and bigger every year. The last Arkansas KD shamrock event raised an impressive $38,000. 80% of this money goes to the local Child’s Safely Center in Springdale, AR and the other 20% goes to Prevent Child Abuse America. Then, on top of the Sliders for Shamrock event, the ladies host an event in October called “Let’s Taco ‘Bout It.” There was a record breaking 700 people to show up to this event this year, and it raised an estimated $7,000 in one night! There was a taco bar, queso (or cheese dip, but that’s a different battle for a different day), and sodas for students to enjoy. Along with these events, the girls do random percentage nights at different restaurants throughout the year to raise even more money for their philanthropy, and they set up tables on campus to raise awareness for their philanthropy as well. So yeah, we’ve heard great things about the Arkansas KDs, and I guess that’s why you’re reading about how great they are! 

Kappa Delta is an incredible chapter doing incredible things to make a difference in lives of children all across the country. We appreciate what KD is doing for the children, and we love spotlighting them for their philanthropic service. So give a KD a pat on the back if you see one today, then come back to find out who we are going to talk about for next week’s Sorority Spotlight! Stay tuned, people. 


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