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Hey, everybody! We know visions of sugar plums dance in your heads… Wait, did we skip a holiday? Okay let’s back up: We know visions of turkey and stuffing may be on your mind (that’s better), but before you head out for Thanksgiving break, let's talk about a sorority that we thought was doing an incredible job at giving back. I know the suspense is probably killing you, so let’s cut right to the chase: this week’s Sorority Spotlight is… drum roll please… 

Kappa Kappa Gamma!!

Kappa’s nationally recognized philanthropy is Reading is Fundamental (RIF). Reading is Fundamental is a literacy organization that focuses on getting books to children to empower them to read, learn and grow. Kappa has been paired with RIF since 2004 and has done some pretty incredible things considering RIF is one of the largest nonprofit literacy organizations. So, now that you know a little more about RIF, let’s talk about some chapters of Kappa that are killin’ their philanthropy game:

University of Arkansas 


The Kappas in Fayetteville host two annual events that raise money specifically for RIF: “King of the Kourt” and “Blading for Books.” King of the Kourt is a campus wide basketball tournament that gets people super involved in giving back (we all know how much a frat star loves to relive his basketball glory days). Blading for Books is an event hosted at a local skating rink that lets students buy a ticket to enjoy a night of skating (because we also know how much a srat girl likes to skate around like she’s blading backup for a Beyoncé music video). Between these two events the girls raised over $5,000 for RIF, and although the events are fun, the Gamma Nu chapter takes pride in giving their time and not just their money. They have an annual event called “Reading is Key” where they go to a local elementary school and read books aloud for an entire morning. They also have crafts, costumes, and three new books to give to every child! There is also a yearlong event at the same elementary school where about 100 girls in the chapter volunteer weekly as reading buddies, tutors, and classroom helpers! We’re impressed by you, Gamma Nu! Keep doing what you’re doing because we know you’re changing lives. 

University of Oklahoma 

Then we have the girls in Norman who are also changing lives for the better. Every year the OU Kappas host a Spring event called “Kappa Kupcakes.” This involves lots of yummy treats and raising money for their local philanthropy, Center for Children and Families Inc. (CCFI), a place that the girls consider a “bright spot” in the Norman community. CCFI provides a multitude of services, and the women raised $18,500 for CCFI last year! Talk about impressive. Then the girls hosted their own Reading is Key event where they read and donated books to the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Norman. The girls raised 500 books to give away at this event, so they are also a chapter for donating their time along with money. We see you, OU Kappa. Keep on keepin’ on. Oh, and Boomer Sooner!  

University of Tulsa 


The University of Tulsa is fairly small compared to most schools in previous Sorority Spotlights (they have about 4,000 students total). The Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter at Tulsa only has about 60 members, but why should we let size stop them from being recognized for everything they’re doing to make a difference? Every fall the girls host their annual philanthropy dinner called “Kappasta,” which is an all-you-can-eat pasta event that we’ve heard is a huge hit on campus. Even though Tulsa is small, they still raise money like the best of them. The last Kappasta raised $2,373! All of the proceeds went towards breast cancer awareness and research, the chapter’s individual philanthropy focus. The girls find breast cancer awareness close to their hearts because they have several alumni who are breast cancer survivors (they’re the sweetest, we know). The girls also host something called “Kappa Klassic,” which is a campus-wide dodge ball competition that raises money directly for Reading is Fundamental. The Tulsa Kappas told us that the Kappa Klassic is a friendly competition, but honestly, we aren’t familiar with that phrase. We are familiar with the phrase “winner.” Just kidding! We know at the end of the day it’s all about having fun (kind of). Kuddos to you, girls! We’re impressed by your dedication. 

So, now that you’ve heard about some of the super cool things these Kappa chapters are doing to make a difference, give a Kappa a pat on the back this week! One for encouraging a child’s interest in reading books, and one just for being awesome. Then come back next week because you know we’ll have another Sorority Spotlight! Stay tuned, people! 


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