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Hello, everyone! Now that Election Day is over, let’s get back to focusing on the spotlight that everybody wants to be in! The Houndstooth Sorority Spotlight, that is. There has been a lot going on this week, but two things still hold true: there are sororities out there doing incredible things for their community, and we’re gonna tell you about ‘em! So, with that being said, this week’s Sorority Spotlight is…


Phi Mu’s nationally recognized philanthropy is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! CMNH has been Phi Mu’s focus since 1986, and they have raised nearly $14 million to date for the organization. Their philanthropic efforts as a whole have really impressed us, so that’s why we want to tell you more about some individual chapters:

University of Arkansas:

Arkphimu Min

Phi Mu is a fairly new chapter to the University of Arkansas, but they have hit the ground running in the philanthropy department. In only a matter of four years the women have managed to create two campus wide events of which all the proceeds go directly to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. The annual fall event is a men’s beauty pageant in which men from different fraternities and RSOs on campus can compete to win the title of “Phi Mu’s Miracle Man.” The men compete in categories such as outfit, talent, and interview. We heard that last year the winner of the pageant performed the entire dance to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” so obviously these guys will do whatever it takes to win (which we can appreciate). This event raised about $9,000 last year, and the next Miracle Man Pageant is November 16th (the watch would definitely be worth the trip in our opinion). Arkansas Phi Mu’s annual spring event is called “Jail ‘N Bail.” Don’t get too nervous yet! Trust us, you can save these jailbirds without having to call anyone’s parents (thank goodness). The idea of Jail ‘N Bail is that different presidents of various RSOs and Greek organizations are placed inside a fake jail cell in a popular spot on campus, and they can’t be released until their organization raises enough money to bail them out! This is easily now one of our favorite philanthropy events, and it raised an estimated $1,500 last year. The Alpha Beta chapter also participated in the Hogs for Hope Dance Marathon last spring and their team raised $9,000 for CMNH!! The Phi Mus in Fayetteville are killing it, and we couldn’t be more proud. Oh, and they are on the road to building a BRAND NEW house. Which we think is really cool and well... we just wanted to tell you. 


Bama Phi Mu 2

Speaking of killing it, let’s all take a moment to check out what Alabama Phi Mu is doing down there in Tuscaloosa. They were just recognized in the spring for donating over $100,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Just this past year alone they raised $38,000. But these girls take pride in the fact that they don’t just “write checks,” they form real relationships. Some of the girls have ended up interning and even working for Children’s of Alabama. Awesome, we know. One of the newest events hosted by Alabama Phi Mu is called “INSOMNIA.” Insomnia is a midnight bowling tournament that lets local businesses “sponsor a lane.” The highest score bowled on the lane they sponsor is how much money that business donates to Phi Mu’s philanthropy! How cool is that? The girls wear pajamas at the event and eat popcorn and food truck goodies. There were 400 people in attendance for the first INSOMNIA ever, and we’re thinking we should head down to Bama to check it out next year. The ladies in Tuscaloosa have also made a point to stay involved in more than CMNH. During recruitment this year they did a service project at the West Alabama Food Bank where they packaged food, cleaned, and many other things to help out around the food bank! They have also taken on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as part of their local involvement. A recent alum’s boyfriend fell victim to suicide, so partnering with AFSP for several events throughout the year is very important to their chapter. Multiple ladies in the Alabama chapter volunteer all over Tuscaloosa! From being local elementary school aids to participating in Best Buddies, we are impressed by these girls’ passion, dedication, and downright awesomeness. And that is why you’re reading about them right now! 

So here’s to you, Phi Mu! You truly couldn’t make us more proud, and that’s why we were so glad to put you in the spotlight. So keep on doing your thing! And we’ll keep on doing ours. Stayed tuned, people. I have a feeling there’s some good stuff coming your way next week (wink, wink)! 


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