Pi Beta Phi

Hey, folks! It’s that time again! Time to give some serious props to another sorority that we heard is doing incredible things in the world of philanthropy. This week our Sorority Spotlight is… drum roll please… 

Pi Beta Phi! 

Everyone knows that Pi Phis are angels (if you didn’t know, look up their mascot!), but what you also need to know is that Pi Phi has been committed to their philanthropy, Read>Lead>Achieve, for over a century! Read>Lead>Achieve is an effort to implement a love for reading early on in a child’s life in order to create a more literate and productive society. Now that you guys know a little bit more about Pi Phi’s philanthropy, let’s talk about a few Pi Phi chapters (among many others) who are doing their thing when it comes to children’s literacy:

Texas A&M

Am Pi Phi

The Aggies have found their way back to the Sorority Spotlight this week because the A&M Pi Phis have gotten our attention with all the fun they’re having down there in Aggieland. Every fall semester the ladies host a “Pi Phi Picnic” at their house that involves hamburgers, hot dogs, popsicles and more. There is live music and games at the event, so the turnout is great and always tons of fun. Last year Pi Phi Picnic raised around $16,000!! Then, in the spring semester, the girls host a university-wide dodgeball tournament called “Dodge the Arrow” (clever, right?). We’ve heard that this event is among the campus favorites. There are usually multiple male and female teams; there’s even a pi phi dads league that competes! There is also food and music at Dodge the Arrow. The tournament raised an estimated $30,000! All of the money raised at these events either goes to the Bryan Adult Learning Center or directly to the national Pi Beta Phi Foundation. We’re proud of you, Texas Eta chapter! (there’s no chance of me mouthing the words “gig ‘em,” but I am still proud.) 

University of Oklahoma

Ou Pi Phi

The Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi has introduced many new philanthropy events in the past year, but there are two that we just couldn’t resist talking about. The first is Pops with Pi Phi. This event was held last spring in the Pi Phi’s Lawn at OU. The girls served popsicles outside while guests enjoyed a DJ, a photo booth, yard games, and a really cool drink called a Sprittle. We know two things about Sprittles: they are sprites with skittles in them, and we would like to try one. The girls raised $8,851 at the Pops with Pi Phi event! We know. Incredible. The second event going on at OU is Pi Phi Phloats. This is an event hosted in Pi Phi’s backyard where the students and community can buy tickets to enjoy Coke and Root-Beer floats while listening to a DJ (because the girls in Norman know that a party isn’t a party if there’s not a DJ). The girls raised $9,000 at this event! Considering both of these events were brand new at the University of Oklahoma, we were extremely impressed by their success. You keep doing you, Oklahoma Alpha. And dare we say… Boomer Sooner? 

University of Arkansas

Ark Pi Phi 5K

The ladies of the Arkansas Alpha chapter go above and beyond in their philanthropy efforts. Being the largest Pi Phi chapter in the nation gives them an advantage when it comes to spreading awareness for children’s literacy. The girls host a “Spaghetti Supper” every year where students can buy tickets to eat spaghetti made by Chef Pat (the Pi Phi chef who we’ve heard is nearly famous at the University of Arkansas). The members of the chapter serve the spaghetti themselves, and last year they raised $1,000! The girls also decided to start an annual “Pi Phi Pizookies” event this year. The event sold out in about an hour and raised $2550! Then, if you need to burn off some of those pizookie calories, the Arkansas Alphas have also put on a 5k for the past decade that benefits children’s literacy. The 5k usually has about 2,000+ runners, and last year it raised $20,000. The 5k is usually on parent’s weekend so students can run alongside their families and alongside the community. Some years, there’s even a band at the end of the 5k that welcomes runners to the finish line. If you weren’t impressed by the yummy food, or the annual 5k, maybe the girls’ involvement with Miracle League will tug at your heart strings. Miracle League is an organization that serves children and adults with mental or physical disabilities that might exclude them from conventional baseball leagues. The ladies at the U of A have been teaming up with the local Miracle League for quite some time, and we’ve been told it’s a volunteer list that fills up faster than no other. So yeah, Arkansas Alpha is killing it.

I guess Pi Phis really are angels. Their focus on children’s literacy means a lot to us! Reading is important. If you couldn’t read, you wouldn’t be able to read about next week’s Sorority Spotlight! And that, my friend, is very important. So as always, stay tuned! 


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