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The day has finally come!

We have decided on our very first Sorority Spotlight! This week’s spotlight is (drumroll please) ZETA TAU ALPHA! Zeta Tau Alpha’s nationally recognized philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, and with 164 active chapters in the nation, the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha are able to divide and conquer when it comes to philanthropy service.

Here are a few of the many chapters that are doing a stellar job of spreading awareness of breast cancer:

University of Arkansas: 

Ark Eta

Along with hundreds of other chapters in the nation, University of Arkansas Zeta participates in a “Think Pink” week that involves doing something every day for a week to help raise breast cancer awareness. The girls set up booths on campus and hand out pins with pink ribbons on them for students to put on their shirts or backpacks (in my experience, backpacks are the way to go because those suckers will stay on forever). Throughout the week there’s a bowling tournament, a golf tournament, and my personal favorite, pink pancakes (they are literally hot pink). Each of these events require a fee to participate or a ticket to get in, and all of the money goes towards Zeta’s philanthropy! The girls also do an event in the spring semester called “Kiss Away Cancer,” which is a kissing booth set up on campus that also raises money for breast cancer awareness. But don’t get too excited, boys! A donation to this booth will buy you a Hershey’s kiss and no more (or maybe a peck on the cheek if you get lucky).

Texas A&M

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The girls at A&M also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Along with their Think Pink week, you can buy “Cupcakes for the Cure” and drink pink lemonade. And instead of the boys on campus donating money for kisses, they participate in an event called “Big Man on Campus.” This involves guys getting paired with sororities on campus and being coached up to perform at a talent show. Who wouldn’t pay money to see that? The cool thing about Big Man on Campus is that it’s a philanthropy event that’s done by Zeta chapters across the nation. So it’s not just the men in C-Stat embarrassing themselves; it’s the men at Auburn, Purdue, Baylor and more. A&M’s Think Pink week is themed “Tackle Breast Cancer” (which is fitting considering their thus far undefeated season). While people drink pink lemonade and eat pink cupcakes, they can sign posters with the names of the women in their lives that have had breast cancer. One of their Think Pink days is a pie toss that involves buying a pie to throw in a member’s face. Then, if you’re feeling you have what it takes, you can play a football toss game to show off your athletic ability. The girls also host something called “dunk a Zeta.” On this day, you can showcase your skills again by throwing a ball at a target until it dunks one unlucky lady into a huge tank of water. Which, on second thought, might be kind of nice! I hear it’s hot in College Station. 

University of Texas 

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This year, one of the UT Zeta members organized a big group of girls in the chapter to run in Race for the Cure for her mother, who is a survivor of breast cancer. So not only do the UT Zetas participate in nationwide events such as Think Pink week, they take their philanthropic service to a more personal level, which is nothing short of awesome. Another cool event organized by the chapter is a talent show called “Z-Factor” (live music, comedy, and dancing in Austin? Sign us up, right?). Students at the University and local talents can audition to be a part of the show, and the chosen acts become a part of the Z-Factor lineup. Then, the members sell tickets to whoever wants to come and join the fun. At the end of the show, the crowd texts to vote on who they think gave the best performance, and the winner gets a small cash prize! Basically, you’re either winning money, watching live talent, or supporting breast cancer awareness. So everyone leaves a winner here! And I know you guys have probably heard of UT’s Round Up. If you haven’t, a quick google search will suffice. I’ll wait… Well the Zeta members have something called a Backyard Bash every year where you can buy tickets to a buffet they have in their backyard during Round Up. Last year they raised $1,857.01 in ONE weekend that they put towards their own philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood. That money alone sent 36 girls in impoverished countries to school this year. What we’re trying to say here is that they are killing it. 

If that isn’t enough proof as to why Zeta Tau Alpha deserves a moment in the spotlight this week, then I’m not sure what is. Greek life is an incredible experience, especially when you’re using it to give back to your community. Remember to check back with Houndstooth next week to see who our next Sorority Spotlight will be! In the meantime, you guys just keep on being awesome. 


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